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11. oktober, 2021
It spat an error when I activated the plug-in and broke my site. WordPress 5.8.1 running Twenty Seventeen theme. Server running PHP version: 8.0.3. MySQL version: 10.3.28-MariaDB-log-cll-lve
28. desember, 2020
Good plugin! It comes very well to complement it with other PWA plugins, since all of them do not allow you to put call to actions in IOS or Android. The only thing that since the last update of the plugin (1.8) no longer allows you to put the message on a particular page, now only allows you to put it on the home page or all pages. It would be advisable that in some update you put it again, since I had to install the previous version to put the call to action in a particular page Greetings and be like that! Good work!
20. juli, 2019
The plugin works perfectly on ioS devices and exactly for that it is described. One wish of mine would be that this would also work on Android devices when using the Samsung browser or the Firefox browser. With the Google Chrome Browser the message for the installation of the PWA is displayed but not in Firefox etc. Maybe there will be an update of the plugin in the future where this can be done 😉 Best regards Joachim
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