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3. september, 2016
Stellar app!! I haven't tried anything but images. I had 30 desktop wallpapers to upload (1550x1200, etc.) I used the app interface, dragged them all over, and walked away. All uploaded fast, no problems or error messages. It's so easy: looks and functions like the WP media uploader interface, no need to go through tons of settings, nothing to comprehend. It will be replacing the WP uploader. Thanks for that option! This is one of the somewhat rare WP apps in that it works perfectly: and it is crazy useful, simple, free - The WordPress Perfect Plugin Trifecta. Thank you for a fantastic app! Your hard work is greatly appreciated, as is making it fully available for free.
3. september, 2016
I was struggling to upload an especially large mp3 episode of my podcast. After working with DreamHost to get my upload limit increased on my server, I used this plugin to override WordPress' limitations and it worked like a dream. Saved my life!
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