All in one forms


From just a contact from to a complex form with lots of calculations and conditions, this plugin let you do everything in one place.


  • A bunch of fields at your disposal
    • Text Box: Add one line of text.
    • Multiple Box: Add multiple lines of text.
    • Radio: Select from a list using radio buttons.
    • Checkbox: Select one or many options from a list.
    • Dropdown: Select from a list using a dropdown.
    • Single Label: Add additional text to the form.
    • Divider: Separate the extra product fields in sections.
    • Datepicker: Select a date from a calendar.
    • Masked Field: Allow to input text in a predefined format.
    • Color Picker: Select a color form a dropdown.
    • Slider: Slider control.
    • Button Selector: Select from a list of options.
    • SwitchSwitch: Turn on/off control.
    • Signature: Signature control.
    • Color Swatcher: Select from a list of colors.
    • Term of Service: Add a term of service checkbox.
    • Textual Image: Dynamically add text to an image.
    • List: Add a list that can be increased or decreased by the user.
    • Group Panel: Create sub sections and display a sub total in each of them.
    • Repeter: Create a list of fields that can be repeater with a buttons.
    • File Upload): Upload files.
    • Hidden: Hiden field that is not visible by the user but can be seen in the entries screen or email.
    • Image Picker: Select one or many items from a list of images.
    • Slider: Select from a range of numbers using an slider
    • Survey: Create a survey table.
    • HTML: Add a custom html code.
    • Address : Create an address field.
    • Email: Create an email field.
    • Image: Adds an image to your form.
    • Name: Create a name field.
    • Numeric: Add a box that support only numbers.
    • Total: Show the total amount of your form.
    • Float: Add a floating panel.
  • Conditional logic: Show or hide fields when a condition is met
  • Formulas: Similar to excel, create your own arithmetical operations to calculate a price or value

Premium Features

  • There is also a premium version that has more features
    • Entries screen: View, export to csv or edit the previously submitted entries
    • Multiple email support: Configure more than one email notification in your form



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  • All in one forms


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