Google Map


Simple, light-weight and non-bloated Google Map Plugin for WordPress.


  • Add Google Map API key
  • Adjust map canvas height and width
  • Responsive map, auto center map upon resize
  • Configure map canvas border color
  • Disable/Enable map controls
  • Find your location by typing address (Auto complete)
  • Change map’s language eg: Hindi
  • Place animated and colorful marker on map
  • Place info window on marker with custom text/markup.
  • Disable dragging on mobile devices / touch enabled devices
  • Disable mouse wheel zoom
  • Map Style – eg: Grayscale
  • Custom marker icon/image file
  • Cooperative Gesture Handling (Two fingers zoom on mobile devices)

Arbitrary section

Nothing in this section, Read FAQ.


  • General Options
  • Location Options
  • Marker Options
  • Info Window Options


What is the short-code for this plugin


Map controls not shown correctly on front-end.

Add this css code to your theme’s style.css file to fix this

.gmnoprint img, #agm-canvas img { max-width: none; }

Changes does not reflect after saving settings.

Are you using some Cache/Performance plugin (eg:WP Super Cache/W3 Total Cache) ?
Then flush your WP cache and refresh target page.

From where does it loads additional Marker (colored) images?

Every marker image is loaded from official Google Server.
You can also upload your own marker images.

How do i enter correct language code?

You can force google to load a specific language for all visitors.
Get latest supported language code list from here.
If you don’t specify language code then google will try to load the language requested by visitor’s web browser.

How to make it responsive?

Set Map Canvas Width to 100 %. Map will auto center upon resize.

Failed to load Google Map. Refresh this page and try again. What is this ?

It means ‘Google Map API’ is not loaded.

Possible reasons are –

  • No internet connection. (Internet is must).
  • Other plugin’s java script conflict. (Try disabling them one by one).
  • This plugin has a problem/bug. (Report it now).

How do i insert the API key?

  • Obtain a browser key, see steps here
  • Insert your key on option page and you are good to go
  • It may take upto 15 minutes for API key to work upon installation

Future Plans?

  • Multiple Maps with Multiple Markers.


19. juni, 2019
Thanks for the developing this map plugin , great bro , Can you please update it for me . Thanks bro . i am using this plugin in my several website . really you are doing good job . Keep it up .
17. februar, 2018
Thank you very much, this is a great light weight plugin and delivers a great result. Love that you gave us custom map pins and colors.
19. november, 2017
one of the best google maps plugin out there. Would be giving 5 stars if the developer would have include the top styles for the map such as, ultra light and shades of gray.
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“Google Map” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Tested on php 7.4 and WordPress 5.6
  • Requires php 5.6+


  • Fix: php v5.3 related issue


  • Compatible with WP v4.9.0
  • Update: Google Map API v3.29


  • Compatible with WP v4.8.0
  • Update: Google Map API v3.28
  • Remove: draggable option


  • Add: Expose Google Map object to window, read
  • Add: Expose two actions before and after shortcode, read



  • Add: Add a filter to style.json content array, see class-util.php or see


  • Fix: Parse error: syntax error,unexpected ‘[‘ with php 5.3
  • Fix: Marker image visibility on Safari
  • Add: Select marker image from Media Library


  • Add: FullScreen Control
  • Fix: Undefined index warnings on updates


  • Allow styling map by using some predefined styles from snazzymaps
  • Allow custom marker icon image file


  • Revamp UI
  • Translation ready


  • Updated Links
  • Namespace changed


  • Option to add API key


  • Tested upto WP Version 4.5.1
  • Better touch device detection
  • Google Map no longer supports IE 9


  • Allow developers to add API key to google map (see FAQ)
  • Bump Google Map API version to 3.24
  • Fixed a bug in InfoWindow text


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Tested upto WordPress v4.4.0


  • More adjustment due to recent changes, remove unused code
  • Using WP inbuilt Settings API to handle form data
  • Updated to Google Map API v3.22, read more here
  • Removed options : Pan control, Overview Map control


  • Fix drag on mobile option stopped working


  • Minimum php requirement : version 5.3.0
  • Removed top screen options, always load text editor
  • Removed bloated code, speed improvement


  • Fix Option page not working due to wrong js url


  • Tested upto WordPress 4.3.1
  • Fix links and updated docs


  • Disable drag on mobile
  • Disable Mouse wheel zoom


  • Tested upto wp v4.2.2
  • Minor adjustments


  • Execution Speed Improvements


  • Tested upto WP v4.1
  • Enqueue the minified version of js file to option page.
  • Miner fixes


  • Option page has it own separate class (easy to manage code)
  • Few More Improvements


  • Add Plugin version to database for future use.
  • Java Script Localization for options page.
  • Store options page JS code to a separate file. (allow browsers to cache this file)
  • Now we enqueue our main JS file on target page. (allow browsers to cache this file)
  • JS priority parameter has been removed from short-code.
  • Code optimization and many other improvements.


  • Bug Fix – Screen options were not saving settings


  • Using WP inbuilt text editor to edit info window text.
  • Increase Info Window Text length to 1000 chars
  • Added Screen Option, let user disable text editor
  • Load Map’s js after other js code. Map’s js has lowest (100) priority by default.
    User can disable this behaviour. Read FAQ for more.
  • Options Page Slug Changed


  • Bug fix – link to ‘readme.txt’ was causing malfunction on plugin list page.
  • Few more adjustments


  • Option page re-styled.
  • Added Help Menu on top of option page.
  • Removed Map Height Unit Option, Height will be in px always.
  • Bug fix in marker color option.
  • Options to disable css-fixes. (Read FAQ).


  • Prevent form submission when user press Enter in auto complete
  • Screenshot moved to assets, reduce package size
  • More FAQ


  • First release on WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Add Search by Address (Auto complete)
  • Add Marker Color option


  • Fix controls appears incorrectly in certain conditions (css fixes)
  • Code clean up


  • Added notes about flushing cache
  • Load Color API only on Option page
  • Special checks for Color API


  • Fix Bugs


  • Fix Bugs
  • Sanitize Inputs
  • Allow HTML in info window


  • First public beta