Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce


An effective filter is one of the most important functions of an online store. Make sure your customer can always find what they’re searching for in your store with the Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce! This is a new filtering plugin that will suit most store types.

additional features

Latest PHP 8.x – COMPATIBLE!

Demo site : demo.avalon23.dev
Demo auto parts store : cars.avalon23.dev

Short demo of plugin settings:

Avalon23 Products Filter Features:

✅  Save search query(filter memory) This function allows the user to save the search query. And when switching to another page or if the user visits the page the next day, the filter selection will remain. Demo «Filter with memory»

✅  SEO links The search query can have a human-readable form in the URL. An example: https://your_site.com/search/color-red/season-autumn/product_cat-hoodies/  And the plugin also has SEO settings that improve the indexing of pages with search results.

✅  Dynamic calculation The plugin will show relevant filters depending on the current search query or category page

✅  ACF filter Filtering by fields of this type: Text, Text Area, Number, Range, Select, Radio Button, Button Group, True/False, Date Time Picker

✅  Hierarchy dropdown This type of filter only works with hierarchical taxonomy. You can see how it works here Demo1 AND Demo2This type of filter has the feature of switching the image depending on the hierarchy level(You can check  it  here «Tyres»). This helps the user to correctly navigate the search.

✅  Performance The plugin has options to optimize CSS and JS files. Also caching which reduces the number of queries to the database. Also, flexible configuration of each filter element will allow you to optimize queries by disabling dynamic recalculation where it is not needed.

✅  Text search by attribute Text search can work not only by title and description of products, but also by taxonomies(Attributes, Categories, Tags)

✅  Flexibility The ability to customize the width, state, visibility of each filter depending on the screen width of the current device

✅  Predefinition allows to display filter that adapts to the current request by default.

✅  Searc logic IN – standard logic – shows all products that have at least one of the selected terms. AND – shows products that have all of the selected terms. NOT IN – exclude products that have at least one of the selected terms

✅  Universality Plugin can filter by: Price, title, category, attributes, tags, custom taxonomies, meta(custom) fields, product dimensions, date, SKU, etc…

✅  Skins Filters can have different color schemes. And you can also choose custom filter colors to suit the design of your theme.

✅  Ajax mode Fast and light Ajax filtering. In this mode, filtering occurs without reloading the page. This feature depends on the current theme

✅  Many types of filters checkbox, radio, slider, datepicker, labels, select, multi select, tesxt input, hierarchical dropdown, image(in full version), color(in full version)

✅  The filter can be displayed in the widget or in the content as a shortcode

SEO links settings

You can get full version of the plugin here: WOOCOMMERCE


This plugin is copyright paradigmatools.net © 2012-2020 with GNU General Public License by paradigmatools.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


  • The plugin settings
  • The filter settings
  • The meta field settings
  • Widget


  • Download to your plugin directory or simply install via WordPress admin interface.
  • Activate.
  • Set product taxonomies in the plugin settings tab of the WooCommerce settings page
  • Drop the Products Filter widget in the sidebar or shortcode in content.
  • Use.


9. august, 2021
This is the best of all the free filter plugins I've tried up till now! I've tried many and others couldn't cope with the ajax product loading, others couldn't cope with the archive pages. But not Avalon! It works from all sides nicely.
2. juli, 2021
great plugin! very fast and I easily customized the design for my store. And most importantly, this version has a hierarchical dropdown
21. mai, 2021
Looks very promising, is very fast, and many options in the free version. However there are still a lot of things that don't work properly: - the column titles are never saved, they always reset to "New Column" - the category field is always reset to "Price" after each save, very confusing - the column titles are always displayed on the frontend regardless of your selection to hide them in the backend. - some minor issues with displaying on the frontend, text cutoff, nothing serious that custom css cannot fix, but this shouldn't happen It still needs some work, but looks very good and for the rest works well. Unfortunately too immature to be used on my site now, but I will keep an eye on it....
28. april, 2021
Been looking for a filter plugin that provides feedback that filtering is taking place and this plugin does just that. First-off: mobile presentation is great. Customers know that they can filter the product list. When they choose a filter criteria, the filters disappear and a message pops up to tell you filtering is happening. And it is very fast. Kudos. Looking forward to more from you.
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new feature Custom skin


new features filter memory

new feature Search parameters in URL
new feature SEO rules and SEO optimization
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WPML compatibility
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Slider fix


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