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BedBooking – Reservation System and Booking Calendar


The BedBooking Reservation System is an innovative tool that allows you to sell your accommodation directly over the Internet.

What do you get with the Reservation System?

  • You can sell accommodation with no commission.
  • You can start the System in few minutes.
  • You can share it via email, SMS or social media.
  • Your guests can book a stay anytime, anywhere.
  • You can connect your own website to the Reservation System using the widgets.

Thanks to BedBooking, your phone, tablet or computer will become your mobile Booking Calendar. It is the most modern tool that will allow your business to grow and practice current trends in the industry. BedBooking is primarily a new way of managing your facility.


  • You can create your own sales channel in three easy steps.
  • One room widget.
  • All rooms widget.
  • Search form widget.
  • Reservation System domain where guests can book and pay for their stay.


Denne utvidelsen gir 3 blokker.

  • Search form widget
  • One room widget
  • All rooms widget


  1. Create a BedBooking account.
    To start using BedBooking, download the application for Android or iOS. BedBooking is also available in your web browser at

  2. Add your property details in the BedBooking application
    The Reservation System is configured via the BedBooking application. All you need to do is to add details of your facility, such as photos or room prices, to be able to launch the Reservation System. You can also upload the logo of your facility or choose the main color of the Reservation System.

  3. Log in to WordPress and add a widget to your website.
    After logging in, you will be able to add the Reservation System widgets to your website as blocks in a very intuitive way.


26. februar, 2023 1 svar
Korzystałam z tego modułu u jednego klienta. Ma on BedBooking jako aplikację i program na komputer, a potrzebował coś do rezerwacji na stronę. Chciał żeby klienci rezerwowali noclegi przez stronę a nie z prowizjami. Działa poprawnie, łatwo się ustawia. Super - klient zadowolony.
21. januar, 2022
The best thing about this plugin is not only that it has a good booking system for the website but that all the bookings are also in the app on your phone. I link my account to Airbnb and the plugin automatically makes sure there is no overbooking. Works like a charm. Thank you.
21. januar, 2022
This plugin is awesome for online reservations when you are getting bookings from airbnb/ to avoid over booking problem.
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