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BS3 Grid Builder


Bootstrap3 Grid Builder comes with a large number of built-in grid layouts, which you can drag and drop to assemble responsive web pages.
This plugin has specialized tools for working on the Bootstrap grid. Easily create, resize, offset columns, and apply responsive visibility classes.
It built on top of the hugely popular Bootstrap framework, and exports clean and semantic HTML. Thousands of developers and designers use it every day. We are sure you’ll love it too!

Main Features:

  • Zero content lock-in.
  • Built-in 12 grid layouts.
  • Clean and SEO friendly markup.
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Supports all custom and default post types.
  • Export and Import previously created page layouts.
  • Assign ID or Class(es) to a container.
  • Assign ID or Class(es) to each row.
  • Assign ID or Class(es) to each column.
  • Custom CSS / JS for each page.
  • One-click collapse order. (LTR, RTL)
  • Make your row full width in one click.
  • Supports read more tag in blog posts.
  • Supports Bootstrap nested columns.
  • Supports Bootstrap responsive visibility classes.
  • Comes with Empty and Blank page templates.
  • No premium, 100% Free and Open Source.
  • Translate into your language.
  • Displays the Full TinyMCE Editor.
  • Custom blockquote option within citation and citation link support.

The plugin supports all custom and default post types, such as Post, Page, Product, Download, Portfolio, etc. By default BS3 Grid Builder is available for pages only. However, you can optionally activate grid builder functionality for any post type you want!

There is zero content lock-in with BS3 Grid Builder. The plugin can be deactivated, and all content is still available. Users can even continue to edit their content in the standard WordPress page editor if they wish.

Want to use Bootstrap grid system on non-bootstrap themes? No problem, navigate to plugin options page and turn on Bootstrap grid and responsive utility stylesheet to use it with any theme you want!

Want to see it in action?

Visit live demo

Translators & Non-English Speakers

Translators are welcome to contribute to the plugin. Please use the WordPress translation website.

Get Involved

Want to contribute? Here’s the GitHub development repository.

Free Support

All support is handled via a dedicated support forum, available at Community Forums. Please head out there to open a new topic, in case you have any questions.

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  • Bootstrap 3 grid builder (back-end).
  • Portability menu - Import and Export previously created layout.
  • Ability to add additional in page JavaScript code.
  • Ability to add additional in page CSS code.
  • Row settings.
  • Column settings.
  • Final results (front-end).
  • Custom blockquote within citation and citation link support.


  1. Upload the entire ‘bs3-grid-builder’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start by visiting plugin settings at Settings > BS3 Grid Builder.


How do I use the plugin?

Start by visiting plugin settings at Settings > BS3 Grid Builder.

How do I use the plugin on non-bootstrap themes?

Go to Settings > BS3 Grid Builder > General Settings (tab) and check the enqueue stylesheet checkbox, this will load light-weight Bootstrap’s responsive grid and responsive utility classes only, without any extras.
BS3 Grid Builder works out of the box, with nearly every standard WordPress theme.

Does BS3 Grid Builder work with any e-commerce besides WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads?

Yes, By default BS3 Grid Builder is only enabled for pages, but you can easily enable Posts and custom post types from the plugin options page.

Does BS3 Grid Builder support shortcodes?

Sure, it does, Shortcodes enable you to use your other favorite plugins along with BS3 Grid Builder.

Can I bundle BS3 Grid Builder with my theme?

Sure, provided your theme licensed under GPL or a compatible license. If you’re publishing your theme on paid (premium) marketplaces, you must select the GPL license instead of their regular license.
BS3 Grid Builder is actively developed and updated, so generally we would recommend that you have your users install the original plugin so they can receive updates and new features, To do that you need to try TGM Plugin Activation Class.

The grid builder starts, but nothing works!

Check if you have a JavaScript error caused by another plugin by deactivating your other plugins, one by one.


14. mai, 2018
Hello. I love the fact that this is a back-end builder, and it's very clean and useful. I do have some issues with the plugin though. No possibility to set background image No wrapper outside the container (best practice is to have a wrapper outside container, so you can make full-width sections with centered content in a container Once set, you cannot change the number of columns in the row. No way to control the columns and set different sizes and offset for the columns I love the idea, but its very restricted in its functions.. I hope for a major update. And if it's on GitHub, i'd love to help.
22. desember, 2017
Would be a great plugin, good interface; but it seems like it adds <br/> tags all over our website? Your milage may vary.
30. juli, 2017
Using this with Bootstrap 4, no issues, lovely interface and easy to use, what more could you ask for. Huge thanks here
10. mai, 2017
This plugin is simply fantastic! Very nice interface, well integrated with WordPress, easy to use and very lightweight. Many thanks to the developer and keep this wonderful plugin this way as it is perfect!
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“BS3 Grid Builder” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Fixed incompatibility with Safari browser.
  • Removed auto resize parameter from wp-editor.
  • Minor CSS improvements.


  • Added a new filter for skipping readmore tag in blog posts.


  • Switcher save method changed.
  • Fixed grid builder column adjustment in nested layouts.
  • Minor changes.


  • Added custom blockquote option within citation and citation link support.
  • Supports read more tag in blog posts.
  • Removed grid builder from blog posts page.


  • Fixed conflict with WooCommerce variable products.
  • Enabled all the hidden buttons in TinyMCE.


  • Initial release.