Cancel order request for WooCommerce


Replace order cancel button with order cancellation request button, here is what this plugin can do for you

✅ You can enable order cancellation request button based on the order status
✅ If you want to replace the order cancellation button with this order cancellation request button then activate this button on order with status pending and failed
✅ User can add a reason why they want to cancel the order
Admin will receive a email with the order cancellation request and the reason for cancellation
Display custom note to your customers when they try to send cancellation request.
✅ Admin can either decide to cancel the order or move it back to processing state
✅ If Admin mark the order as cancel the user will be send a email stating there order cancellation request was accepted
✅ If Admin moves the order status as processing or complete then the user will get an email stating there cancellation request was denied
✅ Hide cancellation request button after a certain period of time.



Can I still have order cancellation button

Yes, you can have order cancellation button, Order cancellation button is shown for the order with status Failed, On-hold, so you make the request button to show for other order status

Can I show Cancel request button for Processing order

Yes, just select the processing status in the plugin setting and it will show for the order with status processing

How to allow customer to send reason for the order cancellation along with the cancellation request

Yes this option is available in the plugin by default, when customer will click on the cancel order button he will be asked to enter a reason for order cancellation.

Where can I see the order cancellation reason

Admin will receive the order cancellation reason in the email, and admin can see the reason in the order page as well

How admin will know above the order cancellation request

admin will receive a email and he can see the same in his dashboard

How to decline the order cancellation request

By change the status of the order from cancel request to processing or complete

How to accept the order cancellation request

By changing the order status to Cancel state we can mark the order as cancel

How customer will know his cancellation request was decline

when you will change the order status to complete or processing, then user will receive a email stating his order cancellation request was decline

How customer will know if his order cancellation request was accepted

He will receive a email stating his cancellation request for the order xyz was accepted

I want to change the wordings of the email

You can do that using the translation file, all the text are translation supported, we have added the language pot file

I want to show custom note to the customer when they want to cancel order

Yes you can specify special message, that will be displayed to customer when they click cancel order button

I want to hide the order cancellation request button after certain period of time

Yes you can do that, you can set the time in terms of minutes after that period of time after placing the order the order cancellation option will go away


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