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This plugin will connect your WooCommerce store with ClaroBI application, providing real-time store monitoring. This way you can access reports, statistics and analysis based on the extracted data. ClaroBI will gather information about customers, products, stocks, orders, invoices and abandoned carts.

About ClaroBI
ClaroBI is a business intelligence tool that will help increase the revenues of your store by offering insights about customers, business process optimization and better inventory management. ClaroBI allows you to generate custom reports for any specific period of time, filter data based on different criteria (customer location or age, order status, product category or status) and analyze store performance.
More information can ve found on our website.
If you don’t have an account yet, we encourage you to access ClaroBI and register for free.


  • Upload the plugin through the WordPress Plugins menu (screenshot-1.png)
  • Configuration for the plugin can be found under Setting menu (screenshot-3.png)
  • Modify plugin settings (screenshot-4.png)
  • Sales overview (screenshot-5.png)
  • Customers overview (screenshot-6.png)
  • Merchandise overview (screenshot-7.png)


After downloading the plugin follow the steps below to install it:
1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/clarobi directory.
2. Go to WordPress Admin area and click Plugins menu.
3. Click Add new then click Upload Plugin and select plugin folder from your computer.
4. Go to the Installed Plugins menu under Plugins and click the Activate button under plugin name.
5. Under Settings, click ClaroBI to configure the plugin. Click Save after making any changes.


To configure the module it is necessary to provide the ClaroBI keys for authentication and data encryption.
These keys are generated after registration.

After you have all the necessary keys, please follow the steps:
1. Go to plugin settings under Setting -> ClaroBI and fill all the data as follows:
* Domain: your store domain (same as the one provided for registration on our website)
* License key: license key provided by ClaroBI
* Api key: Api key provided by ClaroBI
* Api secret: Api secret provided by ClaroBI
2. After all the inputs have been completed, click Save.

Note: you can come back at any time to finish the configuration, but no analytics will start until everything is setup.


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