Classic Menu in Navigation Block


Extending WordPress Navigation block with functionality to display classic menus.

What problem does it solve?

Do you experience problems making your website navigation multilingual when using block theme (FSE – full site editing)?
Are you using a plugin that modifies classic menu but not Navigation block and you are using block theme?

Classic Menu in Navigation Block plugin lets you display classic menus in Navigation block so you can gain from using classic menu modification plugins and yet display the menu with accessibility, customization and responsive features of Navigation block.

This method is particularly useful when building a multilingual website and your multilingual plugin does not handle Navigation block very well. You can simply «revert» back to using classic menu, which multilingual plugins supports out of the box.

You can do changes to your classic menus and Navigation block will always display up to date version of the menu.

To speed things up the plugin also applies caching for your classic menus converted to blocks. This cache is updated every time you update your classic menu. If you are using a very dynamic classic menu modification plugin, you can even disable the cache.

Got a question or suggestion?

In case of any question or suggestion regarding this plugin, feel free to ask at support section, or at GitHub repository issues.


  • Setting up classic menu displaying in Navigation block
  • Creating a classic menu
  • Preview of a classic menu rendered by Navigation block
  • Functionality of Navigation block is kept


  1. Unzip the plugin download file and upload classic-menu-in-navigation-block folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Plugin works immediately after activation by adding a new settings options to WordPress native Navigation block in block and site editor. It also enables Appearance Menus admin screen for block themes (FSE – full site editing) and registers several menu locations.


How does it work?

  1. In Appearance Menus create a classic menu and assign it to a menu location.
  2. In site editor (Appearance Edit) modify your Navigation block to display the menu location.
  3. Preview the results on front-end of your website. Your Navigation block now displays your classic menu and yet it keeps all its functionality.

Can I disable cache?

Yes. When you use a plugin that modifies classic menu very dynamically, you may need to disable this plugin cache. You can do so by adding define( 'CMINB_USE_CACHE', false ); code into your WordPress installation wp-config.php file.

Does it work with Polylang plugin?


Does it work with WPML plugin?



22. april, 2024 1 svar
Great job, maybe needed some polishing, but it provides exactly that is needed. Gives the Classic Menu Admin and ability to style. It would be great to see the classic menu working on the edit mode when the menu is selected, otherwise it is a little confusing, is it selected or not.
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