Cocohub is a no-code, frictionless bot-building platform, for video, voice, and chatbots. Simply connect Conversational Components that accomplish a wide range of goals, to create a bot.

Using cocohub’s bot builder, you’ll be able to create a bot that can answer your users’ questions, provide needed information to anyone visiting your website, schedule meetings – or anything you want to do.

Just login to cocohub and use the builder to create and customize your chatbot using the world’s largest library of pre-built components.

Cocohub’s WordPress Plugin features:

  • Reusable components: Use the world’s largest library of conversational components (cocos).
  • Customize: Change the content of the cocos to match your chosen tone and voice, or create your very own components.
  • Build once. Publish everywhere- Create your bot once, directly in the builder. Publish it as a voice, video or chatbot – using the same flow.



Install and activate the plugin.
Under the plugin settings set your bot name and set your bot channel_id from

Use the shortcode [cocobot] to add it to your page

To get more in depth instructions follow the tutorial here:


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Release Date – 21st July, 2021

  • Support for cocohub personalities


Release Date – 6th October, 2020

  • retry for failed messages
  • adjustable fab side
  • blocking input between messages


Release Date – 23rd July, 2020

  • owner email field for leadgen


Release Date – 21st July, 2020

  • compatbility with WP 5.4.*
  • positioning fix


Release Date – 12nd July, 2020

  • rtl support
  • language translation support
  • links in bubbles
  • fab positioning


Release Date – 21st May, 2020

  • Updated settings page
  • Link to visual builder


Release Date – 9th March, 2020

  • First release with chat-window and basic configuration ready to be connected to any component