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3. september, 2016
Happy that it uses CodeMirror and all of its features. Which means I can add the plugins and extensions for CodeMirror as well with Sublime key bindings etc. Great work!
3. september, 2016
I use this plugin on all WP websites I build as it's the only one in my opinion which is stable and doesn't break anything. The only gripe I have is that I can't change the look and feel (i.e. theme) which this plugin uses, and since I prefer to work with a dark theme since it doesn't kill my eyes this is a bit of a drawback since I don't always have time to climb into the plugin's CSS to change things up a bit. It would be nice if the author could integrate a couple of basic themes such as dark and light for users to switch between. It would be even better if this plugin also altered the functionality of the post/page HTML editor and not just the standard editors. I bet this plugin would then absolutely KILL everything else out there... As it stands now I have to use a separate plugin to achieve the above. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts. Thanks for the good work Mr Zavoruev and keep it up!
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