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The Comments Disclaimer plugin is a minimalist tool designed to enhance your website by adding a public comments disclaimer. With this plugin, you can protect yourself and your website from potential liabilities arising from user-generated comments. By providing a clear disclaimer, you can set the expectations for your visitors and mitigate any risks associated with the comments section.

A must have plugin if you have comments enabled.

When WordPress started as a blogging platform twenty years ago, the internet was a relatively safer and more predictable environment. Back then, the concept of user-generated comments was embraced with optimism, and the need for comment disclaimers was not as prominent. However, the landscape of the internet and its users have significantly transformed since then.

Today, the internet is a vast and diverse space with a wide range of opinions, perspectives, and potential risks. Comments sections can be unpredictable, with comments that are offensive, controversial, or contain unreliable information. When visitors read and engage with comments, they may encounter differing opinions, responses to existing comments, or links to external websites. It\’s crucial for visitors to understand that the comments section represents the individual views of the commenters and does not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the site or its authors.

Moreover, Comments Disclaimer plugin addresses the potential risks associated with clickable links within comments. When users follow links shared by commenters, they may encounter websites that have expired or have been acquired by malicious individuals with ill intentions. These websites might attempt to deceive visitors or distribute harmful content. The plugin emphasizes that the site or its authors cannot be held responsible for any potential harm, offensive content, or consequences arising from such user-generated comment links.


  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor and Classic Editor.
  • Supports block themes as well as Classic Themes.
  • Can individually control whether to show Comments Disclaimer on individual Posts.
  • Can add Comments Disclaimer to existing posts from the plugin page.

Today it is essential for site owners to establish a comment disclaimer to protect themselves from potential liabilities. By installing the Comments Disclaimer plugin on your WordPress blog site, you demonstrate your commitment to prioritizing the safety of your visitors and also clearly communicate that you assume no responsibility for user-generated comments.

Embrace the evolving nature of the internet and safeguard your blogging community by installing the Comments Disclaimer plugin today. Empower your visitors to engage responsibly, promote respectful discussions, and create a secure online space for everyone to participate in meaningful conversations.


  • Classic Editor
  • Gutenberg Editor


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  • Search for Comments Disclaimer plugin in the plugin search box.
  • Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


Will it work with any theme?

Yes it should work with every theme. Tested with multiple block themes and classic themes from the official repository. The styling on the comment disclaimer content is dependant on the theme you end up using.

I\’ve disabled Gutenberg Block Widget. Will it still work?

Yes it will. As long as your comment section is active, that is by default or enabled in the individual posts. There is a meta box on the post editor setting where you can individually enable or disable the comment disclaimer section.

Does it still show the disclaimer if the comment section is disabled?

No the plugin checks if the comments section is enabled or not. If it is not enabled then it won\’t show on the comment section.

I need individual control on my posts

You can individually control and decide, on which posts the disclaimer content should appear. Make sure, you have enabled the comment section for all those posts.

I need to add Comments Disclaimer on previously published posts.

It is possible to add Comments Disclaimer to existing published posts. Please follow the steps below
1. Go to the Comments Disclaimer Plugin page. You can find it inside the comment section in the Dashboard menu.
2. Click on generate button to add disclaimers to existing published posts, without any hassle.

Remember this button will work only once. All posts published from thereupon, or after the installation of the plugin will have to be enabled from the editor itself. Although, as a work around you can delete the plugin and install it again, and repeat the above step to add Comments Disclaimer to posts published.

Should I add comments disclaimer on previously published posts?

Although not necessary, I would suggest to add it to those posts as well. Blogs posts mostly doesn’t have an expiry date. So as long as your site is active, it will exists. Though the comment section may contains links which may have been added like five years before, but doesn\’t exists anymore or some bad actor own it today. So some of your readers might come across these links and follow them assuming as a valid website.

Will the plugin works with version previous to 5.8

The plugin should work for sites before 5.8, although I haven’t tested with any of those. If you plan to use it with older version please test it on a staging site, before using it on a live site.

What happens if the plugin is deactivated?

Once the plugin is removed, it will remove the comments disclaimers from all the posts. Reactivating will make it appear again.
Remember if the plugin is removed or deleted entirely, all the plugin data will also be deleted.

Does it appear on pages?


I need more feature !

The purpose of the plugin is very minimal and the current version supports it out of the box. So adding new features might not happen unless it\’s very necessary to the core purpose. But you could raise a enhancement issue on the GitHub Repository.


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