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Copy Post


iPressGo Copy Post allows you to duplicate posts from any WordPress blog with the REST API enabled, onto your own WordPress blog as a draft or published. In addition, create multiple ‘Copy Jobs’ to automatically schedule posts to be duplicated onto your blog.

How it Works:

  1. Insert any Blog Link (Home Page or Sub Category) that uses WordPress
  2. Set a Start Time, Time Between Posts, Total Copy Limit, and Other Settings
  3. Save your Copy Job.

With iPressGo Copy Post you can syndicate content like a pro by creating multiple Copy Jobs for various blogs and/or content categories. iPressGo Copy Jobs run in the background until you stop them or delete them.

Create higher limits for breaking news and lower limits on filler content. iPressGo Copy Post will copy the most recent post available according to the schedule and settings you configure.

You can also manually search for and copy posts available on the connected blog.

Visit the iPressGo Copy Post Help Desk for Support

Feedback or Support

We would love to hear feedback and support the plugin so please visit the «Support» tab inside the plugin settings page for assistance.


  • Connect to another WordPress blog by entering the blog link.
  • Configure an automatic copy job.
  • Search for specific posts to copy on-demand.
  • Review the progress of your copy job and make changes.


What is iPressGo Copy Post?

iPressGo Copy Post is a WordPress plug-in which makes it easy to duplicate and/or syndicate blog content. Using WordPress with Copy Post installed enables you to duplicate posts from other WordPress blogs onto your own and also allows you to create «Copy Jobs» which run in the background and automatically duplicate then publish new blogs for you when new blogs become available from your source blog. iPressGo Copy Post is open-source software designed for content syndication and tested to work in multi-site environments.

Can I copy a single blog article?

Yes. After you connect to a WordPress website, iPressGo Copy Post will give you the option to copy a single blog by searching by title. You may also choose to setup a Copy Job to automatically copy all new posts from another WordPress blog to yours

Can I copy from blogs that are not WordPress with Copy Post?

No. iPressGo Copy Post is only designed to work with WordPress websites.

If you would like to see Copy Post work with blogs which are not WordPress blogs, let us know.

Can I setup a job so all new posts are automatically copied to my blog?

Yes, with Copy Post, you can setup a Copy Job. A Copy Job will allow you to specify a blog URL and the Copy Job will check for new posts ever hour. It will also automatically draft or publish the new posts to your blog as specified in your Copy Job settings.

How often does Copy Post check for new post from blogs that I connect to?

Copy Post checks for the latest posts available from the connected when it’s time to run the copy job.


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