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Contact form is an essential part of any website. It helps visitors contacting you, it reduces the Spam and keep website safe. It helps you to collect information from customers and users. Through contact form user can keep all data at one place which empowers to respond quickly and accurately.

This plugin is totally FREE with all available features.


This plugin provides users facility to integrate contact form in the website.
1) Enables user to collect information, queries, requirements from end user, customers.
2) It validates the email addresses before submission.
3) On valid submission it auto responds to customers regarding successful message delivery.
4) It is fully customizable and fully responsive.
5) User can edit fields as per requirement
6) This plugin generates a “Short Code” which can be pasted at multiple places like Page, Post, Widget etc. to show the form.
7) User can also create PHP code and use it in website.
8) It supports Multilanguage.
9) Easy quick to integrate and implement.

We are in course to add more and more features in the plugins and will get back with the upgraded version soon.

We highly appreciate suggestion and idea from your end to make this plugin more innovative and useful, we value your time and suggestions! Suggest a Feature

In case of any questions or issue our dedicated support team is always ready to assist—


  1. Upload the entire Contact-Form folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Add below shortcode to include contact form in wordpress pages:


Support Email:-


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