Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping


Knawat WooCommerce Dropshipping

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin?
Does importing thousands of products sound complicated?
Are you looking for Dropshipping fulfillment?
You are in the right place.
Knawat paves the way for you. Now, importing thousands of products can be done in just a few clicks.
Knawat WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin automates the dropshipping on WooCommerce, along with total automated fulfillment, giving you an easy way to import products to your WooCommerce store right from and

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Launching your e-business or online store has never been as easy. All you need to do is choose the type, the number of your products, and the desired language, click on it, and there it will be; all the details of these products, such as; images, description, and data will be in your store.

The products will be imported to your products catalog at the wholesale price. Price and stock will be both updated in real-time whenever they are modified either by the suppliers or by modifying your profit margin.


Anywhere, anytime, Knawat covers every step on the way from the moment your clients make their orders until they receive it to their homes.

Your online store or e-business depends on many factors for it to succeed; Products, prices, stocks, shipping, fulfillment, content, and a safe plan for you to start. In short; we provide all that it takes for you to give your e-business a try.

Start Free

Knawat provides a free plan for you to start your online store, or launch your e-business with no risk whatsoever.

Easy Products’ Importation
Importing products to your online store takes just minutes to be done. Simply search for the products you want, click “import” and here they are. All the products and their details will instantly be in your store.

Multilingual Content

Be accurate, and reach your targeted audience with the right content. Knawat provides the right content to your products, from the product title, to the product features. Keeping it easy for your customers all the time, in all (English, Arabic, and Turkish) languages.

Stock & pricing Management

Be in control of your store. Knawat takes this one off your shoulder, by automatically updating your products’ pricing and stock level around the clock. Once you define your pricing-rule in a click, your prices will be automatically updated.

Facilitate and Tracking Shipping

Shipping is no longer an issue with Knawat, your customers can receive their shipment within a week. Now, Knawat provides a tracking feature to all shipments, along with fixed fees.

Automated Fulfillment

How easy? “Signed, sealed, delivered”. This easy. Just make an order, and let us do the rest. From the moment your client orders until they receive it at their home. Getting the products from the warehouse, quality-check up, shipment’s packing, labeling, invoice tagging, shipments tracking, then notifying your customer.

On Going Support

An integrated team, who fulfill all your inquiries, and solve your most critical issues, and who is willing to go the extra mile for you to achieve your success.

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  • We love reporting issues and suggesting features, join us on [Github][].
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This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins & Add New.
  2. Type «Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping» into the Search input and click the «Search» button.
  3. Locate the «Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping» in the list of search results and click «Install Now».
  4. Click the «Activate Plugin» link at the bottom of the install screen.

It can also be installed manually.

  1. Download the «Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping» plugin from
  2. Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the «Plugins» screen.
  4. Locate «Knawat WooCommerce DropShipping» in the list and click the «Activate» link.


9. februar, 2023
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21. april, 2021
I could not import the new products to the store, the plugin generate PHP fatal errors. I contacted the technical services, event if took more than 3weeks to get nothing at the end, the team had no clue how to deal with the problem, they keep blaming the others (web host, the database issue, etc...) and sending the same statement "it works for us" while the error_log states clearly that the issue is related to the plugin. It is a huge waist of time an money (almost 800$ for the yearly subscription), don't recommend this company unless you work with the free subscription (it's fare when you pay nothing and you got nothing).
26. februar, 2021
I would like to express my great appreciation for Knawat's hard work and effort with me! I truly appreciate their great service and their availability especially Mr. Samer. He represented Knawat in such a professional way and I couldn’t thank him enough for his efforts. 
5. oktober, 2020 1 svar
The plugin did not work as expected and had some conflict with other plugins according to their support. I would love to see Knawat working on this issue seriously as in the market you have got many types of websites that would require the plugin's code to be clean, tested, and compatible. The issue I had is that the plugin overwrites whatever imported data from the Knawat store within few seconds, leaving no room for customization on the product level.
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  • FIX: Wrong stable version


  • FIX: Invalid variations are sent to knawat when placing a new orders.


  • FIX: import products is not working with a huge count of products


  • Tested with latest versions of both WordPress 5.8.3 and WooCommece 6.1.0.
  • ADDED: qTranslate-XT Support
  • ADDED: WPML Support
  • ADDED: Delete out of stock product default option set to yes
  • ADDED: Admin can enable/disable delete products when goes out of stock
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve product sync speed
  • FIX: non-latin key issue while importing with category


  • Tested with latest versions of both WordPress 5.8.2 and WooCommece 6.0.0.


  • ADDED: Categorize knawat products as product categories or tags.
  • ADDED: Added Option for knawat products update from edit screen or bulk option.
  • ADDED: Product sync status bar on the setting tab.
  • ADDED: Category and tag import with hierarchy.
  • FIX: Category and tag import issue.


  • ADDED: Delete Product from your Knawat store if the product has 0 quantity.
  • ADDED: Auto-import now can run hourly.
  • FIX: Increase timeout.
  • FIX: Logs are lighter and more understandable.


  • ADDED: Can send notes along with orders to Knawat dashboard.
  • ADDED: Knawat categories gets added as product tags to existing products.
  • ADDED: Force update single product from Knawat in edit product page.
  • ADDED: Force update mutliple products from Knawat in all products page.
  • FIX: Parent child product issue.
  • FIX: Performance enhancement when creating new order.


  • ADDED: Support for WCFM Marketplace latest version.
  • FIX: Product with only 1 variation gets added as a simple product instead of variation.


  • Tested with latest versions of both WordPress 5.3 and WooCommece 3.7.1.


  • ADDED: Support for Plugin.
  • IMPROVEMENT: «start import» button to get all products.
  • FIX: Background import products was broken.


  • ADDED: Support for Import Product Information Attributes.
  • ADDED: Support for Multilingual Attribute import.
  • ADDED: Import and update only updated products.
  • ADDED: Support for WooCommerce 3.5
  • ADDED: Support for WordPress 5.0
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some Improvements
  • FIXED: some bug fixes.



  • ADDED: Refactored Plugin as per New product import flow.
  • ADDED: Hourly background Product Import from Knawat.
  • ADDED: New button to force pull all products.
  • ADDED: Instantly update product qty & price before order placed.
  • ADDED: Background Order Synchronization with Knawat.
  • ADDED: Knawat Order Status for know status of order at Knawat.
  • ADDED: Support for Autoupdate Order Tracking Number and Carrier Data to Order once Order Shipped.
  • ADDED: Option for Track Order at Front-end Order Screen.
  • ADDED: Added Support for Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 80% Faster and Accurate product update.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some Other Performance & UI/UX Improvements
  • FIXED: some bug fixes.


  • ADDED: Order splits based on Knawat and non-knawat product for better order handling.
  • ADDED: Dashboard widget for display Knawat status ( Sell and profit)
  • ADDED: Functionality for Multiple Dropshippers ( Local DS and Default DS)
  • ADDED: Knawat product cost field in product variation edit screen
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some Improvements
  • FIXED: some bug fixes.


  • ADDED: Filter option for Knawat Products and Orders
  • ADDED: Knawat Order Status
  • ADDED: Shipping Tracking Information in Order
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some Improvements
  • FIXED: some bug fixes.


  • Initial Version.