Blokk-omriss ved redigering


This a Gutenberg plugin that adds an outline around each block. Outline settings are based on user meta. Each user can
change the settings according to their needs and it will applied only to their account.

Brukere kan endre:

  • When to show outline. On hover or always displayed.
  • Lock outline for a single block.
  • Slå av omriss fullstendig.
  • Show data (name and class) outside block, inside or floating when hovering over block
  • Endre farge på omriss.
  • Endre stilen for omriss, heltrukken, stiplet eller prikket
  • Change padding size
  • Vis/skjul blokknavn


  • Omriss rundt hver blokk når innstilt til alltid synlig
  • Editor outline settings


6. september, 2021
This makes Gutenberg much more usable!
16. juli, 2021
Great work. I've been considering making a similar plugin myself, so I'm glad I found this one before I did. It works well and makes it considerably easier to see where each block is. Especially useful when you have blocks within blocks. i.e. Group -> Columns -> Column -> Paragraph
17. juni, 2021
I'm amazed this only shows 500 installations so far. This is a MUST for any site. If this was a stock feature there would probably be a lot more people willing to adopt/accept the new editor. Thanks Kalimah Apps for the excellent plugin!
11. juni, 2021
A plug-in that should not be missing from any WordPress installation. Without the helpful outlines, it is often difficult for the editor to find the block that needs to be edited. That's why this function should actually be added to the WordPress Core. The author of the plug-in offers great support and the users' wishes are actually implemented.`
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  • Fixed block title for cover block


  • Fixed floating box bug
  • Set initial show class name to false


  • Added data position setting (outside, inside or floating)
  • Added show class name option
  • Fixed hover setting for nested blocks
  • Removed twitter admin notice
  • Code formatting and optimization


  • Fixed bugs


  • Added lock outline per single block
  • Added outline padding
  • Fixed drag and drop issue with WP 5.7 where dragging line is not showing
  • Removed outline for add block box
  • New icon and banner design
  • Fixed block name for spacer block


  • Code formatting and optimization


  • La til ugjennomsitighetsalternativ


  • Første versjon