Firmao LiveChat


Already have an account in the Firmao CRM system? Install the plug-in and start using the
interactive Livechat. The Firmao plugin provides the ability to integrate your website with one
of the most popular CRM systems in Poland! This will give your customers the opportunity to
write a message and get instant contact with you or your employees, which will have a
positive impact on the quality of customer service.

Benefits of using Livechat:

  • Answering customer questions quickly, so we can increase customer satisfaction and
    prevent the loss of potential customers.
  • Reduce the time required for customer service compared to traditional forms of
    communication, such as e-mail or telephone.
  • Tracking the history of conversations with customers, making it easier to understand
    their needs, preferences and solve problems faster.

In order to use the Firmao Livechat plugin, you must have a Professional license. To
purchase, contact us:


  • Quick and effective communication
  • Easy to use
  • Connected to Firmao system
  • Maximized livechat view


Adding Firmao LiveChat widget to your WordPress site is really easy, follow these steps :
* Install the plugin from the WordPress directory
* You will need a Firmao account : Create demo account for free here! or use Your account
* Read our manual of installing Livechat on your www site.
* Customize widget by editing a form in settings section or contact our support for help.
* Activate plugin.
* Start chatting with your visitors!




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