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FoodSager Save Plugin


This plugin adds a FoodSager’s button to your posts and pages.
Pressing this button will save your post on FoodSager’s social network.

After adding and activating this plugin, you will notice a button with a picture of mushroom added to each post.
Pressing this button will redirect the users to a landing page were they can save a link back to your post, from FoodSager application.
When our users want to view your post, they press a link, in the app, that leads them back to your post.
Please note that the posts should be visible to anyone.

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Just add the plugin to your post and activate it.


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Just add the plugin to your post and activate it.

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Bidragsytere og utviklere

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  • Supporting new customer web pages


  • Smaller Foodsager icon size in base64
  • Supporting some customized designed posts


  • Support for Right To Left languages.


  • First release