Denne utvidelsen har ikke blitt testet mot noen av de siste 3 hovedutgivelsene av WordPress. Den er kanskje ikke lenger holdt vedlike eller støttet, og den kan ha kompatibilitetsproblemer med nyeste versjoner av WordPress.

Google SEO Pressor for Rich snippets


Now added compatibility upto latest WordPress 6.x. Google SEO Author Snippet Plugin automatically structures your website content with The standardization helps you to come up in Google search with easy addition of SEO friendly snippets. You can uniquely define for each Post, Page, Custom Post and Product. You can also add social shares to your website authors to catch followers.

To know more about structuring your data, you can refer structured data documentation

Supports all snippets as recommended by Google

  • Rich snippets – Articles
  • Rich snippets – Breadcrumbs
  • Rich snippets – Events
  • Rich snippets – Music
  • Rich snippets – Organizations
  • Rich snippets – People
  • Rich snippets – Products
  • Rich snippets – Recipes
  • Rich snippets – Reviews
  • Rich snippets – Software applications
  • Rich snippets – Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa


  • Easily rank your website content in Google.
  • Social shares for author to build social relationships.
  • Turn visitor into Customer.
  • Reduces overall bounce rate.
  • Encourages users to register before commenting on Posts

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  • Admin settings for Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Plugin .
  • Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Post edit view
  • Microdata Social profile information and User Geo-Information for user profile settings.
  • Preview form placed in widget area to the front-end.


I. For simple general way to install

  • Go to Plugins Add New Upload
  • Browse and Upload the file
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Configure in Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Settings

II. For familiar FTP users

  • Extract in /wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to Plugins Installed Plugins Active
  • Configure in Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Settings

III. Straight from WordPress Admin

  • Go to plugins Add New
  • Search for Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets
  • Click Install Now Activate
  • Configure in Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Settings


How to add social profiles for author ?
To add social profiles for author,
* Go to Google SEO Pressor Rich Snippets Settings.
* Enable Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GEO location.
* You can enable it individual as per your requirements.
* You can find the social profile in the edit view of the User.

How to configure Google snippets?
You can uniquely configure the snippets for each Post, Page, Custom Post and Products.
* Choose the post type and select the snippet type from the dropdown and save.
* Now you can view the snippets in the Add or Edit view of the post types.



12. oktober, 2020
. please remove this reviews – thank you.
3. september, 2016
Thank you for the great plugin i use it for my blog : altkia and it’s help in SEO keep the work up guys 🙂
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“Google SEO Pressor for Rich snippets” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.1.1


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.8


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.7


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.6
  • Added: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.3
  • Fixed: UI issue with date format


  • Fixed: Meta Data issues.
  • Added: Show Snippets option.


  • Added: WordPress 4.8.1 compatibility.
  • Fixed: Deprecated issues
  • Added: Google Rich snippets for Articles.
  • Added: Google Rich snippets for Breadcrumbs.
  • Fixed: UI worked Fixed.
  • Added: Based on Format snippets.
  • Added: Author and Date For snippets.


  • Added: WordPress 4.6.1 compatibility.
  • Fixed: SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • Modified: Generic Class & Function names as unique.
  • Improved: Google Rich snippets for Videos, Software Apps & Events.


  • Fixed: Vulnerability security issue.


  • Fixed: Plugin Activation issues
  • Fixed: Google Rich snippets changed for Events and Reviews.


  • Added: Remove option for applied rich snippets
  • Fixed: Displays only the selected rich snippet in each post types
  • Fixed: Minor bugs are fixed


  • Fixed: Webmaster Testing Tool Warnings
  • Empty schema content for music group
  • Schema invalid data operating system version in software
  • Schema invalid data published date in software and item reviewed changed in review
  • Added: Role in Person
  • Added: Album Duration time in music
  • Added: Price in product


  • Added: filled in information only display in schema
  • Fixed: some warnings fixed


  • Added: WordPress 4.1 compatibility.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Reviews
  • Fixed: Clients side issues and warnings
  • Fixed: UI works fixed


  • Modified: Menu Order changes added to avoid the blank page issues.
  • Added: Dynamic Debug mode enable/disable feature in settings module.


  • Completely revamped to meet current google structured data requirement
  • Supports more than 11 snippets
  • Added: Google rich snippets for People.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Product.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Events.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Organisation.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Recipes.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Review.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Music.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Software applications.
  • Added: Google rich snippets for Videos: Facebook Share and RDFa.
  • Added: Setting the google for each available post types.
  • Added: Auto/Manual support only for (Google rich snippets-product).
  • Automated snippets with easy mapping
  • Can override post wide
  • Option to apply post types and category wise
  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility checked.


  • Important bug fix, IE Compatible added. Now compatible with WordPress-3.5.


  • Image Conflicts Bug Fixed, Added Extra Social Icon sets.


  • Initial release version. Tested and found works well without any issues.