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14. januar, 2020
It works flawlessly. I am a developer and never felt compelled to leave a review, until now. Bonus is it works responsively just fine too! As your container reduces in width, still renders all links perfectly. Unlike IMAGELINKS, this one has no limits. IMAGELINKS plugin (paid or free) also has wierd scaling issues -- sometimes your co-ordinates do not match where you laid them. This plugin has saved me a bunch. THANK YOU
28. januar, 2019
Old but gold! Though it hasn't been updated for 3 years, still great plugin. Saved my project!
13. januar, 2018
Of the 4 free plugins that do image mapping I found this one to be the best. I find it to be simple and logical to use. The only issues I had: 1. getting the areas in the correct order but used the Post Type Order to organise this. 2. The hover/fade timing was a bit quick but found the support post: useful for adjusting this. 3. I note that on mobile device the colours come up a bit slowly.My website is mainly viewed by larger screens so not an issue. Thank you for a great plugin.
30. mai, 2017
Hi, after we upload a map of a State and when we an area, it just doesnt work. You should be able to click on any point on that area, unfortunately it doesnt work like that. Our issue is in the selected area maybe half of it work. Any ideas what could be the issue ?
26. mars, 2017
This freebie, although unsupported since 2014 still beats many premium image mappers hands down. Easy to use and implement it just works - no hassles, no coding - 5 STARS all day long.
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