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Import to Photo Gallery from NextGen gallery


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Import to Photo Gallery from NextGen gallery is an easy setup addon for importing photos and related data from NextGen Gallery plugin to Photo Gallery.

Plugin allows importing not only NextGen galleries and albums but also related data. This include photo tags and comments. This means that you can import individual or specific album from NextGen or choose to import all albums and galleries.

The imported data gets switched from NextGen structure to Photo Gallery, so the galleries and albums can be further modified and changed based on Photo Gallery options.


Both NextGen Gallery and Photo Gallery plugins should be installed and activated within the site in order to use the add-on.
To use the plugin you should install it as a standard plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Select the add-on and press Upload. Then activate the add-on.


How can I import galleries from NextGen?

From the plugin settings, select the NextGen Gallery data you plan to import. The import process should start with galleries and albums. Only after that you should proceed with import of related data.

You also need to configure the following options:

  • Galleries. Select the gallery(ies) to import from NextGen Gallery. Use the checkbox to mark the galleries.
  • Albums. Select the album(s) to import. Use the checkbox to mark the albums.
  • Import Comments. Choose whether to import the comments related to the importedgalleries/albums or not. Note that you should select the gallery/album and only after select to import the comments.
  • Import Tags. Choose whether to import the tags from NextGen Gallery or not. Tags will be used with the Photo Gallery Tag Cloud widgets. Note that you should select the gallery/album and only after select to import the tags.

When the NextGen Gallery data is imported, a success message will be displayed and the albums/galleries and related data will be added to the Photo Gallery plugin.


3. september, 2016 1 svar
My site has about 4000 photos and have ~40 people tags. For some reason, when I use Import images with tags, the system creates multiple tag records for the same person appearing on different images. At the end, I don’t have 40 tags but 3500 tags with duplicate names. I tried to delete everything and start from new. But such action had mess up the auto_num in mysql. And I have to manually reset the auto_num counter. Certainly, spent hours to track down how photo-gallery uses tagging and reset index on wp-terms. Hopefully, you should have a fix because I really don’t want to use NextGen anymore.
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  • Fixed: Import functionality.


  • Fixed: Original image import.


  • Fixed: Import if description is null.


  • Fixed: Tags import.


  • Fixed: Tags with duplicate names.


  • Initial version.