Integration CDS


This plugin directly connects WordPress with Common Data Service, Dynamics 365 / CRM, creating powerful portal solutions for your business.

Common Data Service (CDS) lets you securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications. Data from your Dynamics 365 applications is also stored within the Common Data Service allowing you to quickly build apps which leverage your Dynamics 365 data and extend your apps using PowerApps.

The plugin extends the Power platform to WordPress and provides full access to the CDS data. Written from ground-up, the plugin uses Web API to communicate with CDS.


  • 100% Web API-based – future-proof investment.
  • Secure server-to-server authentication. No more usernames or passwords.
  • Create custom forms in WordPress and map them to CDS entities and fields for create or update operations. Write data from the forms directly to CDS / Dynamics 365.
  • Collect leads, contact requests, support queries and much more without any coding.
  • Query CDS / Dynamics 365 records using FetchXML language. Give your customers direct access to product catalogs, event lists, knowledge base articles.
  • Create custom layouts for CDS / Dynamics 365 data using powerful and flexible Twig template engine. Display data directly from CDS / Dynamics 365 without any coding.
  • Bind WordPress posts and pages to CDS / Dynamics 365 records. Build a customized record view in WordPress like product information sheets.
  • Extensible through WordPress actions and filters.


This plugin requires at PHP 7.0.8 or greater. cURL extension is recommended.


Plugin documentation is available at


For this plugin to work, access to a working instance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Common Data Service for Apps is required. Without that the plugin is absolutely useless. Please, do not raise issues related to that fact. If you are curious to try, you can always sign up for a free trial of Dynamics 365.


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ICDS Simple Twig Editor


Installing Integration CDS is just like any other WordPress plugin:

  • Navigate to Admin Area / Plugins page
  • In the search field enter Integration CDS, then click Search Plugins, or press Enter
  • Select Integration CDS and click Install Now
  • Once installed, click Activate
  • Navigate to Integration CDS in the Admin Area to proceed to initial configuration.

Initial configuration

To get the plugin up and running you need to specify connection settings on the Connection tab.

You can learn how to get the required credentials, set up initial connection and start building your first portal
in the Getting Started tutorial at


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  • New: Simple Twig block for the Gutenberg editor which helps to avoid templating problems that arise with Custom HTML and Shortcode blocks
  • Fixed: HTML forms with reCAPTCHA enabled could not be submitted


  • New: Create HTML forms in Twig and capture leads, feedback and a lot more into your CDS / Dynamics 365
  • New: Configure reCAPTCHA and protect your forms from spam
  • Changed: Better log display, debugging details
  • Plugin settings UI changes
  • Performance improvements


  • Internal changes in the plugin with no effect on functionality


  • Read the last few log records on the Status tab without downloading log files


  • Minor changes to the Admin UI loading procedure


  • Initial public release