Martins Free SEO BackLink Link Building Network – Improve Rankings & Traffic


By installing this SEO plugin, your website automatically gets backlinks from +750.000 articles by anonymously joining Martins 100% free backlink linkbuilding network for optimizing your SEO, improve your search engine rankings and get more free traffic.

Works great for both WordPress blog SEO, website SEO and WooCommerce SEO.

What are the benefits?

Martins free backlink linkbuilding network will assist your website in reaching top positions in search engines (SEO), using a safe, proven, anonymous, untraceable and tested link building strategy from SEO experts.

3rd party service notice

This plugin is relying on the free 3rd party «Martins Tools» as a service, and only sends plugin version info and some of your urls to the service for creating link building statistics.

No account is required.
Martins ToolsTerms

Are statistics available?

Yes! In your admin dashboard menu, you will find a really beautiful dashboard called «Martins linkbuilding».
This dashboard will give you 1 month of detailed statistics.
See a preview under «Screenshots».

How do i validate the results?

Link building takes time for both search engines and Ahrefs to discover, so give it at least 14 days and use the great external tool, «Ahrefs free backlink checker», to watch your domain rating (pagerank) increase and to see a list of your new backlinks, which will grow over time and boost your SEO.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker

How does it work?

A few links will show up in all websites in the network.
Websites will not exchange links directly with other websites, as this strategy could give you some SEO problems.

Instead, websites are linking into a network consisting of unique websites with unique owners, servers, IP’s and domains to avoid any footprints, and gets the same type of unique backlinks in return from another part of the network to make the SEO linkbuilding as natural and non-traceable as possible for search engines.

Links are contextual links when there is a keyword match. It’s just a single word per link in a websites content, which becomes clickable.
The last occurance of a keyword in the main content is chosen, which makes it quite discreet.

Websites are automatically scanned for its best SEO keywords for using throughout the network. This too, is for building links in a natural way for your SEO. Search engines loves links in combination with keywords.

Both home pages and a selection of the websites subpages are being matched, to ensure a natural variation in the link building.
When there are no keyword matches, links are placed discreetly below the website footers instead.

All SEO linkbuilding rotates every 24 hours, and inactive websites are removed from the network. Search engines does not crawl all pages every day, thus many links will remain for a long time from a SEO perspective, but not visually.

This plugin is just a simple piece of a giant SEO puzzle, as it is backed by a serious and really clever web crawler, just like Google itself.

Works perfectly with Yoast or AIOSEO as a great upgrade.

How about problematic content?

If your website gets detected as «problematic» ie. «po..» etc., your website is not allowed and gets disabled from the network.


  • Link building statistics dashboard


Method 1

  • Search for «Martins Linkbuilding» directly in your WordPress admin panel under «Plugins -> Add new».
  • Click «Install» and then «Activate».
  • Done!

Method 2

  • Upload the «martinsLinkNetwork» plugin zip file through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Done!

Method 3

  • Upload the «martinsLinkNetwork» plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Done!


Anything i should do after plugin installation?

  • Not at all… Just brew a coffee, sit back and enjoy your new backlinks coming in.

Why do my DA sometimes go down?

  • You might see it go up and down, but generally it will go up. This is because the backlinks are constantly changing and thus sometimes they were stronger yesterday than today. Don’t give up in a short time. Building a strong DA takes more than a month.

Where do i find the statistics?

  • Click «Dashboard -> Martins linkbuilding» in upper-left corner of your WordPress admin panel.


28. oktober, 2022
I have used this plugin for a month now, and am already seeing good progress in my domain rating. Actually just upgraded for the full package. Had a few ideas i told Martin about, and it revealed he is a super nice and helpful guy. Thank you for a great plugin and for listening.
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