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11. april, 2018 1 svar
I was hesitant to use this plugin since it has not been updated in 2 years. I installed it on a site - was able to easily add alt descriptions to several images I bulk imported without having to click in and out of each media file. It was a great time saver.
19. oktober, 2016 3 svar
It adds a field for editing image alt tags directly in the media library window, which is great, because there are very few other plugins that offer this functionality. In the next update I'd like to have the possibility to edit image titles in the same fashion. Ideally, I'd be able to export a list of images (filename, image title, alt text) in csv format, edit image title and alt text fields in a spreadsheet and be able to upload it back to the media gallery. Unfortunately no plugin is able to do that.
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