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Mergado Pack for WooCommerce is a free tool that allows you to advertise on comparison shopping services. It helps you create better XML data files by exporting product feed from your WooCommerce store in the Mergado XML specification. Such data is useful for linking to Mergado app, where it can be converted to hundreds of other formats (for comparison shopping engines like, for AdWords or Facebook or for other online shopping platforms).

Mergado Pack plugin is packed with many marketing functions that will help you improve your advertising. Support for Facebook Pixel, Glami piXel and new Glami TOP reviews and much more.

Google Analytics 4 with ecommerce tracking events


✅ XML export Mergado: products XML, category XML
✅ Import prices from Mergado XML
✅ Batch export – export feeds in batches for more stable feed creation
✅ Integration of WP_cron functionality
✅ Multisite compatible


✅ Google Ads – conversion tracking and remarketing
Google Analytics 4 with ecommerce events
Universal Analytics and Automatic Refund
Google Customer Reviews
Google Tag Managerenhanced ecommerce data layer
Facebook Pixel
GLAMI piXel – multiple piXels + Glami TOP
Sklik, Zboží.cz – conversion tracking and remarketing
Heureka conversion tracking
Heureka availability feed
Heureka Verified by customers
Árukereső Megbízható Bolt
Kelkoo Sales Tracking


Mergado Pack supports exporting product codes such as EAN, UPC, ISBN and others added by other plugins. If you use one of the plugins listed below, Mergado Pack will add an element with the appropriate value to the product feed.

Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce
WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN
EAN for WooCommerce
WPSSO Product Metadata (GTIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN, Global Identifier) for WooCommerce


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  • We are open for your suggestions and feedback – Thank you for using or trying out our plugin :)!
  • Drop us a line on our forum


Connect to Mergado and get more from shopping channels!

Mergado is a multifunctional tool for editing data feeds and managing product campaigns. It works online with no installation required. You can optimize your advertising from anywhere, with an unlimited number of users.

Try 30-day FREE trial


See how Mergado makes your product campaigns easier.

List of supported channels

See a list of all supported channels.

🔸 Adform
🔸 Árukereső.hu
🔸 CenovýRá
🔸 CoChceš.cz
🔸 Glami
🔸 (domodi)
🔸 Google Ads DSA
🔸 Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing
🔸 Google Shopping
🔸 HyperZboží.cz
🔸 Idealno
🔸 Idealo
🔸 Kelkoo XML CSV
🔸 Ladenzeile
🔸 Mailkit
🔸 mall marketplace
🔸 Mergado Analytical XML
🔸 Mergado Category XML
🔸 Mergado XML
🔸 Miinto CSV
🔸 NajNá
🔸 Nextag
🔸 Odpadneš.sk
🔸 Olcsó
🔸 Pametno
🔸 Pricegrabber
🔸 pricerunner
🔸 ShopAlike
🔸 Shopmania
🔸 Shoptet
🔸 Shopzilla
🔸 Sitemap XML
🔸 Spartoo
🔸 Srovná
🔸 Zboží.cz

Mergado Pack video tutorial

How to implement Google Analytics to WooCommerce with Mergado Pack:

#Complete list of video tutorials


  • First screen of Mergado Pack administration
  • Settings of Mergado Pack Administration
  • Cron settings
  • XML export / import page
  • Ad Systems script
  • RSS news in Mergado Pack


Installation is standard as for other Woocommerce plugins. See our videotutorial:

and follow these steps:
1. In your store administration go to Menu and click Plugins → Add new.
2. Search for ‘mergado’ keyword. When the Mergado marketing pack plugin appears, click Instal now.
3. After the installation is complete, click Activate.
4. You will find the module both in the menu on the left as Mergado and under Installed plugins.


What can I use the Mergado Pack for Woocommerce for?

The module allows you to export data from your online store in XML format, in Mergado XML specification. Such data can be used to connect your store to Mergado, where you are able to convert your product data to over 400 different formats for comparison shopping services such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Glami, etc., or for advertising systems like Google Ads, Facebook, or for different eCommerce solutions like e.g. Shoptet, etc.

How much does the plugin cost?

The plugin is for free.

How do I install the plugin?

The plugin is installed in a standard way, same as other WordPress plugins. Watch the video tutorial above with a step-by-step installation guide.

How do I uninstall the plugin?

In a standard way, same as other WooCommerce plugins are uninstalled.

How does the plugin updates work?

The plugin automatically checks for the latest version and if there is one, it will display a notification in the administration of your store that an update is available.

Do I need to set up anything after the module installation?

Yes, the module needs to be configured to work properly.

For Export settings:

If you are using the latest version (3 or higher), no special settings are needed. A simple wizard will guide you through generating the feed.
Otherwise, follow these manuals

For Ad Systems:

To set up Ad Systems, you need to fill in the appropriate API keys or IDs and activate the features.

For Cookies settings

If you need to execute ad scripts based on the consent of the site visitor, activate the Cookie consent settings feature and follow the instructions in the Cookies FAQ section.

I need help with the plugin setup. Who can I turn to for help?

First, try to find the answer in our Help and FAQ.

If you don’t find the answer in our Help, ask a question in our Mergado forum.

If you don’t find the answer there either, then contact our support at

Do you have any more detailed Help and FAQ?

Yeah. You can find the complete Instructions and FAQs on the pack.mergado FAQ page.

Where can I report a bug in the plugin?

You can report bug here in Plugin Support forum.

Or you can also report bugs on our Mergado forum.

Last option is let us know at


4. november, 2023 1 svar
Not ready for HPOS (High-performance order storage), only plugin that avoid me to switch to that 🙁
15. mai, 2023
Mergado používám již dlouho a mohu jen doporučit, super služby a skvělá podpora, pokud potřebujete něco řešit.
23. mai, 2022
Plugin is badly developed, as it connects first to developers server and than connects your own eshop/website. Causing slowing down of website and fail to connect if servers of developer dont work. Happened to us twice, first time orders didnt go through, second time whole eshop was down for couple of hours. Definitely done with them and dont suggest to anyone.
22. mai, 2022 1 svar
Okrem totálneho zahlcovania databázy a spomalovania webu kompletne znefunkčnil 4 eshopy naraz. Nájdite si radšej náhradu - tento plugin určite nie.
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  • NEW: Google consent mode v2
  • IMPROVEMENT: delivery type list update
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for ray core cart
  • FIX: Heureka verify – incorrect heureka url in some cases
  • FIX: CRON url on subdomains
  • FIX: Product import error parameter
  • FIX: Facebook search/category fix data for empty query
  • FIX: PHP Notice – headers already sent during addToCart events


  • IMPROVEMENT: Optimization of big feed generations
  • FIX: Heureka widget – some widgetIds were not properly concatenated to final url


  • FIX: Heureka – cart error when not used with specific language
  • FIX: Biano pixel – missing variable value on some servers


  • NEW: Added support woocommerce HPOS
  • NEW: CookiesYes – support for v3+
  • NEW: Glami pixel – added support for add to cart ajax on woo product block
  • NEW: Divided logs for plugin sections
  • NEW: Roots – Bedrock support
  • REWORK: Services and Service integrations – code cleanup, refactoring, return types, strict types
  • IMPROVEMENT: Sanitize inputs
  • OTHER: Remove PHP short open tags
  • OTHER: Remove unused/unnecessary code


  • FIX: Heureka availability feed – partial generation filename bug
  • FIX: Heureka availability feed – bad button in feed area


  • FIX: Sklik – type error on PHP 8


  • FIX: Zbozi – deliveryTypes for orders without shipping
  • FIX: Zbozi – confirmation checkbox functionality with cookies
  • FIX: Compari/Pazaruvaj – TrustedShop error
  • IMPROVEMENT: Arukereso/Compari/Pazarvaj – improved logging
  • OTHER: Code cleanup
  • OTHER: Deprecation of ‘mergado_product_feed__product_description__variation’ filter
  • OTHER: Deprecation of ‘mergado_product_feed__product_description__simple’ filter


  • NEW: Customer feed
  • NEW: GAds – added option to send prices with/without VAT
  • FIX: Category feed CDATA
  • OTHER: Minor fixes
  • OTHER: Code cleanup
  • OTHER: Compatibility changes


  • NEW: Conversion tracking – Árgép
  • NEW: Option for GA4 to submit conversion value with/without shipping
  • NEW: Google Ads – enhanced conversions
  • FIX: WPBakery bug
  • FIX: Woocommerce blocks – add to cart events
  • OTHER: Some minor fixes


  • CHANGE: Glami Pixel and Glami TOP product Ids are not concatenated anymore
  • FIX: Glami pixel sometimes not load fast enough
  • FIX: Bad Ga4 addToCart event price


  • FIX: Heureka verify ITEM IDs not corresponding to ProductFeed
  • FIX: CSS styles applied in admin area


  • FIX: GA4 – Gtag error


  • REWORK: Google Ads
  • REWORK: Google Universal analytics
  • REWORK: OrderConfirmed variable name
  • NEW: Google Analytics 4
  • NEW: Reset token feature on support page / Disable auto token changes
  • FIX: Pricemania error moved to log


  • FIX: Product feed item tags
  • FIX: WP Wham – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce
  • REWORK: RSS feed rate limiting
  • REWORK: Product feed params – used param only with selected value, others with all options


  • CHANGE: Administration news count
  • FIX: Support form error
  • FIX: PHP 8+ – RSS error


  • FIX: RSS – call only in administration
  • FIX: RSS – endless requests causing server timeout


  • FIX: Glami pixel error
  • FIX: GTM Duplicate purchase request
  • NEW: Integration of Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin
  • NEW: Export products by visibility
  • NEW: Product feed – new element TAG
  • NEW: integration
  • NEW: integration
  • REWORK: Plugin DB update system


  • FIX: Database missing column error


  • FIX: Jetpack – missing images
  • FIX: http_referrer warning
  • NEW: Biano star – name and image parameters


  • FIX: Missing product feed images


  • NEW: Biano Star integration
  • NEW: Product feed – item filter added
  • REWORK: News rework
  • REWORK: Heureka – trackOrder and verify events sent by shop language
  • FIX: Google Reviews – GTIN sources for new WP
  • FIX: Toggling fields in Adsys section


  • FIX: PHP 8 – XML Product feed prices
  • FIX: Product feed did not export product variant properties correctly in large e-shops
  • FIX: Facebook pixel – add to cart event on category page
  • FIX: Price formats in some events
  • NEW: Filters for product feed price change
  • Biano pixel – new consent integrated


  • FIX: Syntax error Biano


  • FIX: Kelkoo, Glami Pixel – sanitize undefined indexes
  • FIX: Product feed – Add variations to product names with more than 2 variants
  • FIX: Various text fixes


  • GDPR consent integration – CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice (CCPA Ready)
  • Biano pixel – added customer_email to purchased event


  • FIX: WC_Logger called incorrectly


  • Heureka widget – removed options for mobile version
  • Heureka availability feed – real product quantities
  • FIX: Biano pixel – addToCart event
  • FIX: Heureka availability feed – variable IDs
  • NEW FEATURE: added option for enabling WP CRON forms with DISABLE_WP_CRON = true (externally started WP crons)


  • FIX: Feed files deleted after plugin update. Files moved to Uploads directory (XML url changed)


  • FB Pixel: added required property content_type to initiateCheckout event
  • questionare changed to OPT OUT
  • Heureka,, Arukereso – fix default value
  • Theme: Woodmart – fix add to cart events
  • Plugin: Side Cart Woocommerce (Ajax) – fix add to cart events


  • fix translations


  • UI rework
  • Added cron WIZARD
  • Attribute names in Product feed changed


  • Added option to change «default en_US» opt text for Arukereso, Zbozi, Heureka


  • New: support for multiple EAN plugins
  • Fix: server warnings


  • Facebook Pixel new events added
  • Mergado feed v 1.10
  • Fix: warning on some hostings from RSS feed


  • Fix: missing images in product feed when Jetpack Photon enabled


  • remove Glami.js if not active


  • Fix heureka SK input in administration
  • remove glami data when disabled


  • plugin compatibility


  • fix changing URLs on deactivation
  • translations
  • set language of plugin by user settings


  • Heureka conversions – code changes by new specification
  • Zboží.cz – Opt-out changed to Opt-in


  • Arukereso
  • Opt-out Zboží.cz
  • Gradual generating for Heureka stock and category feed
  • Google customer reviews
  • Fix nonexistent products in feed
  • Fix ID for Google Services (AW-, GTM-, UA-)
  • Readme updated


  • Biano Pixel – fix Add To Cart event


  • All main product images assigned to variants
  • New elements in product feed


  • Google Analytics – full refundation
  • integrated options to choose if order/product prices will be with or without VAT
  • Heureka – consent text/badge added
  • Biano pixel – added new countries (RO, NL, HU)


  • gtag.js – fix conversions


  • gtag.js + Google ADS itnegration change


  • change conversion.js to gtag.js
  • sanitize variables
  • set permissions to create folder


  • Added pattern validation for time input field
  • Fix Google Ads


  • Mergado product export – change of VAT rate selection to Country code selection
  • Mergado product export – Add default woocommerce placeholder image to product if not set


  • Export feed – load variable product images into variation if it has no specific image


  • Mergado product export – product atributes export changes
  • Mergado product export – rounding of prices correction


  • Mergado product export main product params
  • count of VAT in Mergado product export


  • FIX – count DPH in Mergado product export


  • GTAGJS bad currencyCode fix


  • GTAGJS and GTM added currency code to events
  • Fix product parameters in Mergado product export
  • Fix Mergado product export dimension and weight units


  • Added option to select country (VAT percentage) for exports


  • Added params to variation products in Mergado product feed
  • FIX Product feed price calculations
  • FIX copy correct url of CRON


  • České služby v0.5 fix


  • České služby integration changes


  • Fix missing VAT in variable products


  • Mergado product feed v1.8
  • České služby EAN integration to Mergado product feed
  • Heureka verify – change in integration


  • Fix missing files on WP


  • Add support for Glami TOP …