Denne utvidelsen har ikke blitt testet mot noen av de siste 3 hovedutgivelsene av WordPress. Den er kanskje ikke lenger holdt vedlike eller støttet, og den kan ha kompatibilitetsproblemer med nyeste versjoner av WordPress.



WordPress plugin to access the Naoca API for displaying client information and live streams. This plugin will contact our API at in order to retrieve and display details of live streaming client events and associated stationery, notices, service venues and other media including photos. This plugin requires an API key which is generated by users with accounts at, and so can only be used by clients of Naoca Pty Ltd with valid accounts at Our privacy policy can be found at

Release Notes


  • Complete notices rewrite with new layout options
  • Multiple bugfixes and optimizations


  • Added extra popups to notices page if client doesn’t have a profile
  • Multiple bugfixes and updated settings object to make standalone plugin consistent


  • Added 404 checking on client page


  • Added first version of reactions


Completed condolences with full redesign.


Refined condolences module.


Added condolences module.


Added notices shortcode and page


Fixed some enqueing bugs for WordPress


Moved to embedded live stream tab
Fixed some layout bugs
Fixed various other bugs
Added some feature requests


Fixed client list image distortion CSS bug
Added client list slow to load / refresh indicator


Added disclaimer
Added description block
Added ticker handling
Added version number
Various other fixes


Fixed browser detection bug for Facebook app browser


Fixed babel module issue


Fixed CSS bug for profile picture layout on Safari
Fixed missing method bug on live stream component
Added partners
Added browser detection and notice for unsupported browsers
Added hide service venue map option


Added download button to resources that are downloadable
Added try/catch to handle error on Local Storage when using Incognito Mode
Fixed some inconsistent styling across elements
Fixed some bugs in Service Venue tab
Updated resource handling in player and playlist components to make more consistent
Updated styling on press notice page to handle tiny images


Updated parameters to avoid clashes with some CRMs
Live stream tab only show if event has a resource to play (live stream or recording)
Stationery into its own tab rather than being bundled in on the event tab


Mostly bug fixes


Fixed some more styling issues which prevented a correct layout on some websites.


Fixed some styling issues which prevented a correct layout on some websites.


  • Client list screen
  • Client screen with private live streamed event


Plugin can be found on the offcial wordpress plugin directory here:
Plugin will need an API key and Google Maps API key for site to work. These can be provided by Naoca or found in your settings at
Use shortcodes to insert plugin into pages of your choice.



Show list of clients.


Used to show individual client details. Whatever page this shortcode is placed on must be set in the plugin settings.


Used to show list of clients with upcoming services.


Where do I find my API key?

Ask your organisation’s administrator to provide this key to you. If it doesn’t exist they can create one in the settings for your organisation at


8. april, 2021
Great plugin. Only requires a couple of pages with some shortcode on each page and an api key and you’re away!
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