PayPal Pay Now, Buy Now, Donation and Cart Buttons Shortcode


This plugin adds «paypal_button» shortcode to display pay now, buy now, donation and add to cart PayPal buttons with facility to customize their PayPal checkout page. Handy features of the plugins are

  • Four types of button Pay Now, Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donation
  • Customizable quantity field which is available as text box and drop down box with possible selected values or range of values for all types of buttons
  • Customizable PayPal Payment Button
  • Customizable PayPal Checkout page, change header logo and page color etc
  • Output can be a PayPal form with Default or Customizable PayPal button or a URL to PayPal payment/cart page that can be used on linked texts
  • All type of PayPal button options i.e. large, small, with and without Credit Card Logos
  • Set Thank you page after successful payment to return the user back to your website
  • Set Handling and Shipping charges
  • Allow buyer to add a note to order
  • Select language of your button. Supports 17 widely used languages
  • Both Admin generated amount (based on quantity) and user filled amount payments

Plugin also adds a [paypal_view_cart_link] shortcode to be used to create view cart buttons.

Possible usage of the plugin are as follows

Pay Now Button: [paypal_button type="paynow" amount="100"]
Buy Now Button: [paypal_button type="buynow" name="WordPres Portfolio Theme" amount="100"]
Donation Button: [paypal_button type="donate" amount="100"]
Add to cart Button: [paypal_button type="cart" name="Computer Table" amount="100"]
Payment Link: [paypal_button type="buynow" name="WordPres Portfolio Theme" amount="100" echo_link=1]

View Cart Link: <a href="[paypal_view_cart_link]">View Cart</a>

Set your PayPal E-Mail address and Checkout page customization in Settings->PayPal Buttons.


[paypal_button type="paynow|buynow|donate|cart" amount="100"]
<a href="[paypal_view_cart_link]">View Cart</a>


(string) (optional) Type of transaction. Allowed Values are
Possible Values: 'paynow', 'buynow', 'cart' or 'donate'

(string) (optional) Product Number
Possible Values: Any numeric product id

(string) (optional) Your PayPal E-Mail address.
Possible Values: A valid PayPal E-Mail address

(string) (optional) Name of the Product
Possible Values: Any String

(numeric) (optional) Product price to be charged. Yes, you can left empty for user to input amount. This can be used for donations.
Possible Values: Any numeric value

(numeric or string) (optional) Specfiy quantity as number or range or possible comma separated values. Leave empty to let user specify any quantity.
Possible Values: "1" or "1,5,10" or "1-10"

(string) (optional) Post fix text to be shown in quantity dropdown.
Possible Values: " items" or " products"

(string) (optional) HTML code to separate the generated visible HTML fields. Use "<br />" for new line.
Possible Values: "&nbsp;" or "<br />"

(boolean) (optional) Setting to "1" will enable user to enter amount they would like to pay.
Possible Values: 1 or 0

(boolean) (optional) Set to "1" for linked output
Possible Values: 1 or 0

(boolean) (optional) Set to "1" to open payment page in a new window
Possible Values: 1 or 0

(string) (optional) Currency of the Transaction.
Possible Values: 'USD' or 'CAD' or any currency code

(numeric) (optional) Tax rate in percentage applied to the total price.
Possible Values: 0.0001 to 100

(numeric) (optional) Shipping charges for the product.
Possible Values: Any numeric value

(string) (optional) Set URL of your own customizable button. Global setting is used when left empty or default PayPal Button
Possible Values: A URL to an image

(string) (optional) Set size of the button either 'large' or 'small'.
Possible Values: 'large' or 'small'

(string) (optional) Display Credit Cards Logo under the button.
Possible Values: 'yes' or 'no'

(string) (optional) Let buyer add a note to order.
Possible Values: 'yes' or 'no'

(string) (optional) Buyer will be redirect to this page after successful payment.
Possible Values: An absolute URL e.g.

(string) (optional) URL to your Logo image.
Possible Values: An absolute URL e.g.

(string) (optional) Set border color of the checkout page header.
Possible Values: A HTML Hexa-decimal code. e.g. FFFF00, 999999 etc

(string) (optional) Change background color of the checkout page header.
Possible Values: A HTML Hexa-decimal code. e.g. FFFF00, 999999 etc

(string) (optional) Change background color of the entire checkout page.
Possible Values: A HTML Hexa-decimal code. e.g. FFFF00, 999999 etc


  • Different flavors of the shortcode
  • Settings page in Admin -> Settings -> PayPal Buttons
  • Sample PayPal checkout page with logo replaced


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload paypal-pay-buy-cart-buttons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You can now use «[paypal_button]» shortcode.
  4. Visit Settings page to set the default values and merchant information.


Do I need a PayPal Account?

Yes, You do need a PayPal account to receive payments. Please visit to sign up.

Does it support all PayPal buttons

It supports Pay Now, Buy Now, Donate and Add to Cart Buttons.

How can I put my logo on checkout page using this shortcode?

You can use Logo URL field in the admin settings to place your logo on checkout page. Please make sure it is not bigger than 750×90;


Det er ingen omtaler av denne utvidelsen.

Bidragsytere og utviklere

“PayPal Pay Now, Buy Now, Donation and Cart Buttons Shortcode” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Backword compatiblity
  • Latest WordPres Tested


  • Backword compatiblity
  • Latest WordPres Tested


  • Added filters
  • Added feature to open payment page in a new window
  • Added feature to allow for user entered payments.


  • Added support for 17 languages for PayPal buttons.
  • Added CSS classes for customization.


  • Customize the Payment Button. Set your button’s URL either in settings page or in shortcode
  • Fix Javascript error of quantity when used with buy now and cart buttons.


  • Added quantity support for drop down box.
  • Added support for payment using URL. You can now use it in achor tag’s «href» attribute also.


  • Customizable Quantity attribute
  • Quantity Text Postfix
  • Added Field Seperator


  • First Revision