Productive Demo Importer


This is the official demo content importer for our themes. The plugin seamlessly imports demo content, encompassing WooCommerce products, blog posts, menus, custom post type content, and configurations. This ensures your new WordPress website mirrors our theme demo. With its lightweight design, you’re just one click away from a theme-specific demo import.

Capabilities of This Plugin

  • Populates your WordPress site with demo content, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of our theme features and offering a sample use-case for guidance.
  • The imported demo content comprises WooCommerce products, blog posts, comments, site elements, reviews, images, and more.
  • Kindly note that this plugin is specifically designed for importing demo content into our themes.

Plugin Pages


  • Plugin Pages


Automatic Installation

  • Access your WordPress admin.
  • Navigate to Dashboard => Plugins => Add New.
  • Enter «Productive Demo Importer» in the search bar.
  • Click «Install» and then «Activate».
  • Visit Productive… => «Productive Demo Importer», to import demo content.

  • For comprehensive installation guidance, please consult the plugin’s documentation. It offers step-by-step instructions for both manual and automatic installations.


What is the purpose of this plugin?

The plugin generates sample content to showcase the capabilities of themes by

Which types of content can the plugin import?

The plugin imports content mirroring that of our theme demos.

Is the imported content suitable for building my new site?

The content is designed solely for theme demonstrations. The plugin’s intent is to provide a blueprint when building your website using our themes.

What happens if I use the content on my live site?

Some demo content, like images and videos, are copyrighted. The license restricts their use to the plugin’s intended purpose. Adherence to this is crucial.


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v1.1.5, released on 2024-04-30th

  • (Improvement): Otpimisation of the global framework and introduction of new functionalities.
  • (Fix): Resolved minor bugs.

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