Products Fetcher for WHMCS


This is not an official plugin of WHMCS However it will fetch your products feeds from your given WHMCS link. Also it will save you WHMCS’s URL and make sure if its correct whmcs url or not.

Major features in WPF(Products Fetcher for WHMCS):

  • Ability to check Product name against pid.
  • Ability to check Product description against pid.
  • Ability to check Product price against pid.
  • Ability to check Product price against tld, register type and duration.
  • Ability to check domain tld availability.
  • Ability to display domain pricing table.


Upload the Products Fetcher for WHMCS plugin to your WordPress, activate it, and then enjoy its functionalities.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!


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Release Date – 11 August 2021