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31. januar, 2019 1 svar
12 days waiting for support. Requested a refund… Will see what happens.
5. desember, 2018
I’ve got the free version and it do the job easely !
30. august, 2018
Finally found a plugin that really works with Ultimate Members! Thank you 🙂
1. august, 2018 1 svar
Thanks for the great little plugin here. Works well so far and does what it says with no hassle. I like the way it is structured, as setting a parent and children «page/tabs» allows for easily setting the profile menu and sub-menu. I’ve seen some bashing because of plugin support, and I too wrote a ticket (Issue resolved itself, so marked resolved) and was not responded to after 4 days. I’m still dropping a 5 star review because the plugin is useful and does what it says. I just want to remind other users that this is a FREE plugin. ANY RESPONSE to a support question is a blessing. If you paid, use the dev’s support channel. You are not entitled to free support here (although yes, it is nice). When it comes to free plugins, as I tell my toddler, «You get what you get and you don’t get upset.»
22. juli, 2018 7 svar
I purchased the paid Tabs Pro version. It doesn’t work and I cannot get any support from Ultimate Member and I have PAID for it. I’ve sent 5 support tickets but no-one has replied and that was over 2 weeks ago!! This version doesn’t allow you to add new pages to the profile, you have to but the paid version to do that and then they don’t support you if it doesn’t work. Don’t bother!!!
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