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QS Dark Mode is a simple yet convenient plugin that allows WordPress websites to turn on a Dark Mode website or theme. This WordPress QS Dark Mode plugin is very much user friendly, fully compatible to all browsers, operating systems and devices. It is also compatible with all WordPress themes

QS Dark Mode is a plugin which allows you to turn on the Dark Mode in your WordPress website. Dark Mode theme/website can be turned OFF or ON using a prominently displayed toggle icon on the screen or even from them Plugin Settings

The most amazing Dark Mode plugin is QS Dark Mode . It provides a huge number of features to make you and your WordPress website visitors more comfortable. Accessing procedure of this plugin is very easy. You just need to install and activate the plugin for your WordPress website. You will find all the features here below:

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QS Dark Mode Plugin FEATURES

  • Dashboard Color Scheme : – QS Dark Mode bring the option customize your WordPress dashboard with a click.
  • Default Dark Mode : You can also set Default Dark Mode from your dashboard for your website with QS Dark Mode .
  • Front End Dark Mode : To active Dark Mode in Front End We have bring QS Dark Mode and Now you are all set to enjoy the Dark Version of the website
  • Dashboard Dark Mode : To change the WordPress Dashboard to a Dark Mode or version You can use QS Dark Mode .
  • Switch : Showcase your stylish switch style and bring a posh look to the website. QS Dark Mode has it all.
  • Short Code : QS Dark Mode is compatible with all page builder even with WordPress itself, so use short code to make it work.
  • Switch Presets : – We have 4 Switch Presets in our Free version to convert your website in Dark Mode .
  • Switch Style : QS Dark Mode Provide different style for the switch and it can be your won as well.
  • Switch Position : You can set the button /switch anywhere you want with the QS Dark Mode Positioning options.
  • Switch Custom Style : it’s much easier to have your own switch style in your website.
  • Switch Custom Text : Place your text on the button as per your wish.
  • Theme Color Presets : – 4 Color Scheme for your theme is ready with the QS Dark Mode WordPress Plugin.
  • Custom Elements : You can also give style to your custom elements with QS Dark Mode
  • Exclude Elements : You have the option to exclude any specific area or elements from your website with QS Dark Mode .
  • Custom CSS : to target specific content or id even class, QS Dark Mode give you the authority to make it happen.
  • Image Opacity : To make a proper contrast you can also choose image opacity.
  • Image Filter : There are few options is QS Dark Mode to control the image filter or to change the filter type.

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QS Dark Mode Plugin Pro Features

  • All Free QS Dark Mode Features
  • Switch Presets : With stunning premade design of QS Dark Mode switch you can enjoy the beauty of this plugin
  • Switch Custom Image : Change the Image in the Switch with QS Dark Mode
  • Switch Custom Style : Its Not necessary that you have to use our presets or style. Its always Open to create your own Switch style with QS Dark Mode
  • Theme Preset Box Shadow : With a premade options, you can use the box shadow on your theme presets.
  • Custom property color : Specific area or property can also customize with custom property color option in QS Dark Mode .
  • Image Swap : You can swap image for Dark Mode screen as your wish.
  • Image Compare : Now you can compare or show the image compare with QS Dark Mode .
  • Exclude Dark Mode Feature : If you want you can Skip Dark Mode features in specific Page with QS Dark Mode
  • Exclude Custom CSS in Specific Page : To deal with your own person choice you can also Excluse some Custom CSS in your QS Dark Mode WordPress Plugin.
  • Schedule Dark Mode : Just schedule your proffered time and take rest, QS Dark Mode will automatically convert the website UI in to Dark Mode .
  • Above Post Placement : Place anywhere you want it to be like you can also post above or after the post and pages.
  • WooCommerce Shop : We have also define the WooCommerce shop page default style with QS Dark Mode .
  • WooCommerce Product Details Page : QS Dark Mode also work on WooCommerce Default product details page with its default system.
  • Floating Switch Options : You Switch can now float anywhere of the website with QS Dark Mode Floating Switch Options.
  • Re-positioning floating switch : Give a suitable position to your Button/Switch with QS Dark Mode WordPress Plugin.
  • Elementor Dark Mode Widgets : QS Dark Mode supports Elementor as we have Short Code Options and you can use it as Elementor Widgets.
  • OS Based Dark Mode : When Operating systems in Dark Mode Plugin will automatically change to dark mode.
  • Cookie : Dark Mode settings will save in user browser.
  • Switch In Menu : You Can Show Dark Mode switch in header menu area or any menu area.
  • Visual Composer Dark Mode Widgets : QS Dark Mode supports Visual Composer as we have ShortCode Options and you can use it as Visual Composer Widgets.
  • Well Documented : With a beautiful UI & UX we have bring a easy Navigation Dashboard for the users of QS Dark Mode WordPress Plugins and its well Documented.

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> QS Dark mode


How to use QS Dark Mode?

Login your WordPress Dashboard, From the left menu click Dark Mode. Check out the Video

Have a pro a plugin?

Yes Pro Version available go

Requirements for QS Dark Mode

This Dark Mode Plugin does not need any page builder but the WordPress Itself. Though you can use it in any Page Builder with the Short Code.

Show Dark Mode Switch in Website Front End

Enable the features form Plugin dashboard and place it anywhere you want.

Does QS Dark Mode support Short Code?

Yes, Just copy and paste it to your page builder and it will work.

Does it support OS Base Dark Mode

Yes, QS Dark Mode has the OS base feature and it will adapt automatically if the function is enabled.

Can i Customise Switch in QS DARK MODE Plugin ?

Yes you can change color text or images with the QS DARK MODE.

Exclude Include Feature of QS Dark Mode

You can always add or remove elements from The Exclude and Include options.

Do you planed for regular update?

Yes we have full planed for continiously update.

Is QS dark mode elementor supported?


Does QS dark mode has schedule Options?



9. november, 2021
i was using the plugin for last few days, i got surprised by the plugin. it work very well.
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