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24. februar, 2022
Each time I activated this plugin, it broke my website, and now I can't seem to be able to delete it. When I click on delete it nothing happen and it just stays there...
27. august, 2021
Good services, good product. Free trust badge is a nice feature for free plan Ranks as one of my top plugins =)
5. august, 2021
1. This is a very good CSP setup plugin for free with report mode and report-uri features. 2. Thanks for providing free plans, just as Cloudflare does. 3. There is a lot of useful setup tips. 4. The free trust badge is a nice feature for free plan, i like it. 5. Able to upgrade to a more advanced threat monitoring plan if needed. 6. However the "INSTALLATION AND SETTING UP RAPIDSEC" in wordpress plugin page should follow your rapidsec.com account "Integration Guide", which make more sense. 7. At first I was unsure whether it was a legit plugin. After seeing rapidsec video on YouTube, I'm convinced that this plugin and team are legit. 8. So far, Rapidsec's team is doing a good job. There should be more downloads and installations of this plugin. Thanks a ton!
12. april, 2021
It's so much easier to build a CSP with your service. I find it very useful, well done!
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