Nylig registrerte


Denne utvidelsen legger til en ny, sorterbar kolonne i brukeroversikten, og som viser tidspunktet brukeren ble registrert.

Først og fremst nyttig for enkeltnettsted (som ikke viser dette i det hele tatt), på flernettsteds-nettverk (MU) legger den til brukerens registeringsinfo på alle undernettsteder.


Denne utvidelsen sporer ikke noen ekstra data utover de WordPress originalt samler ved registrering. Den bare gjør data synlige.


  • Sample output


No special instructions.


Why is the field blank?

Because some other plugins are _doing_it_wrong(). When they created their column, they forgot to have the filter return the previous content, if it’s not their column, so it’s removing it. Since my plugin’s doing it right, I gave it a higher priority to stop that from happening in most cases.

Can I change the date formatting?

Not at this time. The code is hardcoded because so is WordPress and I wanted to keep it matching as much as possible. That means until WP changes how it formats that column, I’m not changing the plugin. It’s translatable, which will allow for different languages to format as needed, but that’s it.

Does this work on MultiSite?

Yes it does. When Network Activated, it adds a column on each sub-site’s user list to show registration date.

Why doesn’t it show registration time on Multisite?

Because Multisite doesn’t show that by default. If you set the request mode from list to excerpt, it’ll show the time. It’s a bit of a complicated way around it, but this stackexchange thread explains it in detail.

Why does it show the registration date/time as ‘Unknown’?

That means the values in the database are set to pre 1970 or post ‘now’ (whenever now is). Basically it had an invalid date.

Does this work on BuddyPress?


Why doesn’t this check for Stop Forum Spam anymore?

Overlap. After a lot of testing, I determined that Ban Hammer does this better and cleaner. So if you need that sort of thing, use the right tool.

Why did you remove the separate page?

Because it was redundant. If you can sort it all on one page, why not do that?


21. januar, 2022
There are far more complicated plugins out there that supposedly let you add a registration column (like Admin Columns), but I couldn't get them to work. This one does the job, quickly and simply. No setup required.
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  • 11 May 2022 by Ipstenu
  • Change init to admin_init and restrict calls to wp-admin only (props @dominicp)
  • Date/Time logic


  • 17 September 2021 by Ipstenu
  • PHPCS cleanup
  • Add text domains to dates (props @ Alex Lion)


  • 11 January 2016, by Ipstenu
  • Public functions, what’s your function? (This is not a functional change, just a cleanup)


  • 16 September 2015, by Ipstenu
  • Fixing errant .= from renaming functions. (props @sintro)


  • 05 May 2015, by Ipstenu
  • Typo preventing activation on singlesite SIGH


  • 05 May 2015, by Ipstenu
  • Now works for Multisite so you can see the registrations per-site
  • Changed formatting to match Multisite’s display
  • Network only if on Multisite (I think only the super-admins should decide this one)