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14. oktober, 2018
Let's pretend that I have a car rental shop with 7 cars. And I have all 7 cars available for November. So the user will come to Sagenda booking and he will see that he has 7 cars for November 1st, 7 cars for November 2nd, 7 cars for November 3rd? Instead of choosing his preferred car (let's say - Honda Jazz) and see the calendar with all Unbooked dates? Another sample. User wants to book a car for 10-15th of November. Let's say Honda Jazz. He has to select 5 bookings for Honda Jazz for 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 of November? 5 separate lines? Your system shows it like this. According to my experience your system (in its Free version) is purely for yoga classes and doctor appointments. When user takes 1 appointment for 1 day and that's it. Using your system to book a car or house for 2 weeks will be very inconvenient. Am I correct?
20. september, 2018
Von "free" kann eigentlich nicht die Rede sein, weil es ohne kostenpflichtige Module eigentlich nicht geht. Es ist auch für mein Verständnis kein WP-Plugin sondern nur ein API zum Hersteller-Server, auf den das eigentliche System läuft: keine Daten auf dem eigenen System.
31. august, 2018
I'd give it 10 stars for support!! I sent 2 emails and both were answered within minutes..... quick set up, very limited features, would love to be able to customize it more.
17. mai, 2018
Awesome plugin. Just what I needed. Great support, replied quickly and fixed the problem. Great stuff!
1. desember, 2017
As a Chinese translator for its official dot come website, I am happy to meet such a lovely plugin and I am impressed by it. Wishing to use it as a showcase or something like that on my future business website. And I plan to use it as a personal task management tool.
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