Bulk Plugin Installation

Allows you to install one or more plugins simply by typing their names or download URLs in a textarea.

Bee Estudio Web 800+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 3.5.2 Oppdatert 10 år siden

WordPress Sentinel

This plugin acts as a sentinel that watches over your core Wordpress programs (plus installed themes and plugins) and tells you when changes happen.

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Bygg inn vakre og funksjonelle tabeller til dine poster og sider, uten å trenge å skrive koder!

Tobias Bäthge 800 000+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 6.0.1 Oppdatert 3 måneder siden

NC Taxonomy Meta

NC Taxonomy Meta allows you to add custom meta fields to your wordpress taxonomies.

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Remote Control Panel

Remote Control Panel – continuous remote backup and management for WordPress.

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BuddyPress helps site builders & developers add community features to their websites, with user profiles, activity streams, and more!

The BuddyPress Community 200 000+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 6.0.1 Oppdatert 3 måneder siden

Improved Plugin Installation

Allows for plugin installation simply by submitting the wordpress plugin name or URL. Also includes a bookmarklet.

ImprovingTheWeb N/A aktive installasjoner Testet med 2.9.2 Oppdatert 13 år siden

Cartpauj Register Captcha

Cartpauj Register Captcha does one simple task. It prevents SPAM signups through WordPress' default registration form.

Cartpauj 4 000+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 6.0.1 Oppdatert 4 uker siden

LBDesign Button Shortcode

A simple plugin for adding call-to-action buttons to post & page content via a shortcode.

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BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

Schedule complete automatic backups of your WordPress installation. Decide which content will be stored (Dropbox, S3…). This is the free version

Inpsyde GmbH 700 000+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 5.8.4 Oppdatert 3 uker siden

WP Brukerprofiler

WP Brukerprofiler er en sofistikert måte å redigere brukere på i WordPress.

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