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sleekStore lite


What is sleekStore?

SleekStore is a plugin that extends WordPress with online store functionality .

Functionality of the plug-in is based on the assumption that certain posts
or pages are treated as products. Description of a product is defined
by the content of the post with an added parameter “Price”.
By default, “Add to cart” button is displayed on each page/post with defined price.

sleekStore allows for adding products to the cart and handles order procedure.
The display and presentation of the products is not enforced in any way
and the user decide whether products are defined as subpages or e.g. posts of a specific category.

This solution is very flexible and does not require any additional skills beyond the basic wordpress editing.

In addition, sleekStore contains configuration panel, panel to handle orders, shortcodes and other elements
to improve the process and order management.

You can visit plugin home page at for more detailed info.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

You can find more detailed info at

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin panel

  2. From the left menu, select «Plugins -> Add New»

  3. Select «upload a plugin in .zip format» option or just «Upload».

  4. Click «Choose File» and locate plugin file on your computer.

  5. After selecting the file, click «Install Now».

  6. After installation, click «Activate plugin»

  7. Select «sleekStore» -> «Settings» to complete plugin configuration.


Is there any list of shortcodes or template tags?

Available shortcodes:

Available template tags:

You can find more detailed info at


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