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29. februar, 2024
This plugin tried to set up its automatic blacklist update via WP-Cron and caused it to loop somehow and I had about 85000 entries like the one below in my «cron» entry in wp_options. 0:\»twicedaily\»;s:4:\»args\»;a:0:{}s:8:\»interval\»;i:43200;}}}i:1707881227;a:1:{s:32:\»wsrs_update_blacklist_twicedaily\»;a:1:{s:32:\»40cd750bba9870f18aada2478b24840a\»;a:3:{s:8:\»schedule\»;s:1
12. februar, 2024
«Stop Referrer Spam» plugin doesn’t do anything. I’ve created a list of around 1500 websites and put it in, and plugin didn’t block any bot. They all showed up in the stats too.
7. oktober, 2020
I have added installed this plugin, added, which is simple to do so, it then appears in my list of blocked domains. But still uses, spams my website and statistics. Using WP 5.5.1
6. juli, 2020
I’s cluttered with Spam Referrer, and then tried this plugin with some doubt in mind though. 🙂 But found it’s working like a charm. Thank you for the effort. <3 Keep updating and fixing things. Good luck.
18. april, 2020 1 svar
Doesn’t worth installing. Couldn’t block referral spam from coming
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