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Product pages can be long. Some products have long descriptions, lots of reviews, galleries, you name it. By the time a visitor has read all of the product content and decided to commit to purchasing the product, the add to cart button is often hidden way off screen at the top of the page. Not any more! The Storefront Sticky Add to Cart plugin reveals a small content bar at the top of the browser window which includes the product name, price, rating, stock status and the all-important add to cart button. It subtly slides into view once the standard add-to-cart button has scrolled out of view. Now when your customers decide they want to buy your product they no longer have to go hunting to add it to their cart!

As the name suggests this plugin has been designed to work with our Storefront theme. The add-to-cart bar colors will be lifted from your Storefront configuration in the Customizer. The main background color is applied to the background, the main text color applied to the text and the main link color applied to links. If you want to use this plugin with another theme you’ll have to build your own integration. More info in the FAQ.


  • The sticky add to cart bar in action.


  1. Upload storefront-sticky-add-to-cart to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiver pluginnen gjennom ‘Plugins’-menyen i WordPress
  3. Ferdig!


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload storefront-sticky-add-to-cart to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiver pluginnen gjennom ‘Plugins’-menyen i WordPress
  3. Ferdig!
I want to integrate with a theme other than Storefront, how do I do it?

It’s very simple, most of the core styles are loaded regardless. You’ll just need to apply a background color to the content bar like so; .ssatc-sticky-add-to-cart { background-color: white; }.

Why doesn’t he sticky add to cart component display on mobile?

It simply takes up too much valuable screen real estate. You can display it on mobile with a few lines of css if you need to.


The other reviews must be novices

I read the other reviews where they gave one star. I was very hesitated to install the plugin. Normally, if a plugin dosn’t have 4 stars I don’t even try it. But since the plugin was created by WooThemes/WooCommerce I trust them and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. It worked perfect and an awesome feature to my site.
Yes, there was a styling issue. But just a very basic CSS addition fixed it for my site.
margin-right: 5px; Boom, that fixed it.
And, yes the reviewer that says if you have long titles doesn’t display correctly. One, for SEO reasons you shouldn’t be using LONG titles. But, if you decide to have long titles than again….easy fix. Just some basic CSS.

Not really responsive

With long titles of the product, the button overlaps the text on medium to smaller screens – which doesn’t look very professional.
Therefore only 1 star instead of 5.

A great plugin, not working after the last update

This plugin was working perfectly until I updated it. Now I can’t even access my website when I activate it, there’s just a blank page saying the following: »Fatal error: Call to undefined function storefront_get_content_background_color() in /the address of the website and plugin/ on line 216».
It’s a good plugin and I need it.
I’ll change my rating to 5 stars once it’s fixed.

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1.1.9 – 06.27.2018

  • Dev – Disable plugin if running Storefront 2.3+. This plugin is now included in Storefront core.

1.1.8 – 20.12.2017

  • Fix – Undefined index error for specific stock settings.

1.1.7 – 27.10.2017

  • Tweak – Use wp_kses_post() for stock availability sanitization. Ensures compatibility with WooCommerce Waitlist extension.
  • Tweak – Check for form.cart before calling Waypoint.

1.1.6 – 15.06.2017

  • Tweak – WooCommerce 2.6/2.7 compatibility.

1.1.5 – 10.06.2017

  • Tweak – WooCommerce 2.7 compatibility.

1.1.4 – 10.06.2016

  • Tweak – Hide the sticky add to cart component on mobile as it takes up too much screen real estate.

1.1.3 – 04.26.2016

  • Tweak – Integration with Catalog Visibility Options extension.

1.1.2 – 04.13.2016

  • Tweak – Compatibility with products other than simple/variable (eg. Subscriptions).

1.1.1 – 03.08.2016

  • Tweak – Storefront 2.0.0 compatibility.
  • Tweak – General code tidy up.

1.1.0 – 11.06.2015

  • New – Now displays the product rating as well. Kudos @BurlesonBrad.
  • New – Now works for variable products.
  • Tweak – Button now uses the .alt class to stand out more.
  • Tweak – Minor style adjustments.

1.0.0 – 10.30.2015

Første utgivelse.