WP Copy Content Protection

WP Copy Content Protection wordpress plugin protects the content from being stolen by content thieves.…

Blogger PNG 1 000+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 6.2.3 Oppdatert 5 måneder siden

Event Rocket

Unsupported set of experimental extensions, hacks and gadgetry for The Events Calendar

Barry Hughes 800+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 4.3.32 Oppdatert 5 år siden

Multisite Post Duplicator

Duplicate/Copy/Clone any individual page, post or custom post type from one site on your multisite…

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TG Copy Protection

Copy protect contents by disabling mouse and keyboard commands, or by emptying copied text, or…

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Super Post Cleaner

Deletes duplicate posts from the database (without affecting menus) each time a new post is…

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Widget Alias

Duplicate any existing widget using the Widget Alias widget and shortcode.

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MultiSite Clone Duplicator

Clones an existing site into a new one in a multisite installation : copies all…

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WP Replicate Post

This plugin has been developed by Yudiz Solutions Ltd. It will help you to replicate…

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