Link Google Calendar

A plugin that allows administrator to set Google Calendar embedded link in admin back-end and…

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Integrate the booking form of Easy!Appointments directly into your WordPress pages.

A.Tselegidis 600+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 5.2.5 Oppdatert 9 måneder siden

SD Google Calendar Combiner

WordPress Plugin for combining public Google Calendars for display, created by for use by…

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Gecko Google Calendar

Gecko Google Calendar connects your site to Google Calendar and allows events to be displayed…

Gecko Designs 50+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 4.8.12 Oppdatert 2 år siden


Kalendas gets your events from multiple Google Calendars and displays them in your page using…

Juan Sebastián Echeverry 30+ aktive installasjoner Testet med 3.1.4 Oppdatert 8 år siden


Plugin to display a Google Calendar feed as a html table.

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CallMeBack generates a basic Callback Form on your page via shortcode [cmb]. Within your theme…

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