404 Redirection

Permanently redirect all 404's to the main blog URL. The primary purpose is to salvage…

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Easily redirect any post or page to another page with a dropdown menu or by…

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Affiliate Links Lite

Create any redirect links to any website from your WordPress Admin. Perfect for the affiliate…

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Force Lowercase URLs

Perform a 301 redirect from an uppercase URL to the lowercase version for all non-admin,…

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Debug wp_redirect()

What the.. Where'd that redirect come from? This plugin helps to uncover redirects as they…

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Archive Disabler

Archive disabler allows you to "turn off" some of WordPress' built in archive pages.

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Fix Multiple Redirects

Fix multiple redirects and canonical redirects. And increase speed of wordpress fine url recognition for…

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Affiliate Links Manager

WordPress Affiliate Links Manager by WinkPress helps you create friendly affiliate redirects and track them…

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