Denne utvidelsen har ikke blitt testet mot noen av de siste 3 hovedutgivelsene av WordPress. Den er kanskje ikke lenger holdt vedlike eller støttet, og den kan ha kompatibilitetsproblemer med nyeste versjoner av WordPress.

Trigger Warning Deluxe


A trauma trigger is an experience that triggers a traumatic memory in someone who has experienced trauma. A trigger is thus a troubling reminder of a traumatic event, although the trigger itself
need not be frightening or traumatic.

Trigger Warning Deluxe is a great way of giving your readers a heads up in what to expect in articles containing potential triggers.


  • Flag posts as potentially triggering with the click of a checkbox
  • Append a trigger warning to the titles of your posts and present a popup describing why the post is flagged as triggering
  • Customize the default trigger warning label and warning message in the administrative panel
  • Optionally override the defaults with post-specific labels and warnings while editing posts
  • Replace triggering inline content with a trigger warning & content toggle by using a [triggerwarning] shortcode


  • Flag posts as triggering in the post editor and optionally override the default label and warning message.
  • Customize the default trigger label and label.
  • Trigger posts warn users with a popup.


  1. Unpack the plugin zip and upload the contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, upload the plugin zip via the install screen within the WordPress Plugins manager
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins manager in WordPress
  3. Customize the plugin under Trigger Warning Deluxe in the admin menu.


Det er ingen omtaler av denne utvidelsen.

Bidragsytere og utviklere

“Trigger Warning Deluxe” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Internal tune-up to ensure compatibility with more recent WordPress and PHP versions.


  • Custom trigger warning title labels now appear in the warning popup instead of automatically using the default.
  • Tweaked colours of warning popup to something more neutral. Custom colours will be coming in a more major update.


  • First release


  • First stable RC.