Trinity Audio


Using the Trinity Audio service you can turn your readers to listeners by turning text into lifelike speech.

Make your content accessible via audio with a quick and seamless integration. Choose from dozens of voices from Amazon Polly across a variety of languages.

Join the audio revolution by audiofying your entire website in the click of a button. For FREE.

Implementation Guide

Make your content accessible on the go using the power of audio

In a matter of months it’ll be inconceivable for content creators to offer an experience of reading alone. Your users are already consuming audio content whether you provide it or not.

Engage with them where they’re already at:

  • In the gym
  • When commuting
  • At their desk
  • Anywhere else, anytime

Increase user engagement

  • Readers no longer have the luxury of sitting and reading a full article.
  • Help them skim and improve their user experience on your website.
  • Increase onsite engagement by 5X and more

Nowadays, when readers are becoming listeners – it’s up to you to provide them with the experience they’re expecting. How?

Settings and configurations

The following are configuration options you can modify as you see fit:

  • Add player to all posts: Select this option to activate the audio player on all posts and converting all of your existing content to audio.
  • Player position: The position of the audio player on your page. We recommend placing the player before the main article text.
  • Gender: the default gender voice for each post.
  • Source language: The language of your content.
  • Display «Powered by Trinity Audio»: choose if you want to display credit next to the player. We’d very much appreciate it if you choose to give us credit (it’s free remember?).
  • Player label: Specifies optional text you’d like to be shown above the audio player (HTML tags are supported with this label).
  • New post default: Specifies whether the player is automatically enabled for all new posts. Choose this option if you want Trinity Audio to add an audio player for each new post.
  • Add post title to audio: If enabled, each audio file will start by reading the post title.
  • Add post excerpt to audio: If enabled, each audio file will read an excerpt from the post at the beginning of the audio (after the title, if chosen).
  • Skip tags: Use this if you want to avoid generating audio for specific articles based on the tag you added.

Still here? Go turn your readers to listeners.

By using this plugin you agree to the terms of use.


  • Admin settings screen.
  • Admin settings screen - continued.
  • Player view as implemented in a post.
  • Example of using "Player Label".


Simple and Intuitive Setup

Instantly convert all of your content from text to audio with the most natural sounding voices. Just follow these 3 no-brainer steps:

  1. Install the Trinity Audio plugin from the ‘Add new plugin’ option on your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the ‘Trinity Audio’ tab in your WordPress admin interface and configure the settings for your plugin.

If at any stage you have questions, need support (technical or moral), or just want to say hi, reach out to us at: – we’d love to hear from you!


What is Trinity Audio?

Trinity Audio is a service that audiofyes textual content. By using our service, your users can consume your content through audio.

Which languages are supported?

English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

How much does Trinity Audio cost?

It is completely FREE!

How does the bulk update work?

When bulk update is initiated, all posts will be updated to include the player. A clear indication for the process is displayed in the UI.

Can I choose a different gender to a specific post?

Yes you can! In the general settings, you can define the default gender voice and can change it for each individual post.

If I use bulk update, do I have to have the player on all posts?

No – you can disable it from specific posts from the post UI view.

Where would the player be placed in my post?

The exact location is configurable from the settings tab.

What text would the player read?

The player would read the article body, headline and excerpt. Headline and excerpt can be removed easily by clicking the checkbox in the settings tab.


23. januar, 2020
no customization, very plain, audio is not crisp and fast, no settings to adjust. no control on the text to select for speech, by default it takes all text. Very bad support, no response. the new update is useless.
15. oktober, 2019
This plugin is an excellent Text to Speech that makes hearing articles as good as hearing podcasts. I look forward to them implementing Neural Network too. Congrats!
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“Trinity Audio” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




Release Date – Sep 14, 2020

  • Removal of monetization functionality.


Release Date – Jul 21, 2020

  • Enhancing bulk update for handling unstable internet connection
  • Log posts that failed to update during bulk update in plugin Logs


Release Date – Jun 23, 2020

  • fixed issue with WP shared hostings activate all posts
  • fixed issue when plugin could’t be uninstalled
  • update minimal requirement to run plugin

Thanks a lot for feedback from our users!


Release Date – Jun 16, 2020

  • small fixes
  • increasing timeout
  • improved sending info logs


Release Date – Jun 15, 2020

  • added new debug information into Info section. How opening Info section, log file is generated and you can go to contact us and send it right to us. This file will be send automatically if «Include logs» is checked.


Release Date – May 8, 2020

  • added new languages. Now we support: Arabic, Chinese(Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh 🎉


Release Date – Apr 20, 2020

  • added info sub-menu, with credits info
  • improved text parsing, using TTS Trinity Audio player core


Release Date – Apr 15, 2020

  • fixed a bug with not showing content when player disabled for post.
    Thanks to our users for reporting this issue!
  • improved logging


Release Date – Apr 14, 2020

  • fixed error log


Release Date – Apr 14, 2020

  • improved UI for first initial install


Release Date – Apr 10, 2020

  • removed message for initial install
  • fixed issue with update settings


Release Date – Apr 8, 2020

  • fixed issue with deactivation
  • added detailed message when client has an issue with plugin activation
  • added message for first time using users
  • fix player styles in case some themes override them
  • improved logging
  • fixed issue with sending from default email even if it’s changed in contact us page


Release Date – Apr 7, 2020

  • changed language endpoint
  • migrated to new language codes supported by AWS Polly
  • fixed issue with Hindi gender in settings, only supported female gender for now
  • moved to a new language endpoint. Expect more languages in next release 🎉
  • player loading performance improved
  • tested with latest WordPress v5.4
  • fixed issue plugin deleting
  • fixed issue with reading text content


  • added «Logs» submenu
  • added «Contact us» submenu with ability to send logs to our end from «Logs»


Release Date – May 17, 2020

  • added preconnect option in order to improve player load speed


  • moved from PHP_WP_CONFIG variable to TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG


  • new major version of Trinity Audio Player 2.0.0!
  • lots of improvements and bug fixes


  • enable save button
  • init default settings
  • update ui


  • advanced settings


  • fix defaultLanguage issue
  • disable player if posthash is empty
  • disable player on pages


  • add language for each post


  • remove border


  • fix bug for single page or single post


  • add details type


  • fix stay tuned


  • add support for pages


  • save plugin settings


  • add events inside plugin form


  • fixed issue with broken admin panel


  • fix bug when loaded on single page


  • remove events on labels


  • added visual info for bulk update


  • added background task


  • bug fix


  • bug fix


  • Reduce amount of save text for plugin functionality


  • Excerpt reading – change default value to false


  • Bug fix: spelling


  • Added support for potential failure upon plugins update


  • Add backward compatibility support


  • Add information on the plugin


  • Bug fix: change functions order


  • First version of Trinity Audio plugin