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UltraAddons – Elementor Addons (Header Footer Builder, Custom Font, Custom CSS,Woo Widget, Menu Builder, Anywhere Elementor Shortcode)

UltraAddons – Elementor Addons (Header Footer Builder, Custom Font, Custom CSS,Woo Widget, Menu Builder, Anywhere Elementor Shortcode)


UltraAddons – Elementor Addons is a Elementor Addons Plugin and it has some Unique features and Ready made Widget. By using this plugin, You able to create a Full web site just by drag and drop.
Build your desired page just few click. Easy to use and use able for any theme and plugin. Available many filter.

UltraAddons Elementor Lite (Header & Footer Builder, Menu Builder, Cart Icon, Shortcode)

Making custom header and custom footer. WooCommerce minicart anywhere. Elementor Template or Page or Section showing to anywhere of site.
Elementor page/section show in Sidebar area. using WordPress widget.

* 85+ Full Page Template
* 500+ Ready Block
* Add Custom Font free.
* Logical Widget feature (User Able to show or hide any widget by condition)
* Custom Header for any page with condition or for whole site.
* Custom Topbar for any page with condition or for whole site. (Specially for showing offer)
* Custom Footer for any page with condition or for whole site.
* Elementor Page/Section/Template display in anywhere using shortcode. sample shortcode is [UltraAddons_Template id='123']. Here 123 will be post ID of the Elementor Template.
* Many Ready widget,
* Woo Product Table display anywhere with Designing and Customizing. Available Typography, Color and different style.
* Wrapper Link for any section, column, widget.
* Hover any animation for any section, column, widget.
* Advance Heading/Title with customize color, Typography
* Advance Button with customize color, Typography
* Advance Slider Slider
* Slider with Any content. Dynamic content.
* Slider with Pre-build Template of Elementor

Use our pre-made section and templates to create your site very quickly with stunning looks.


  • Advance Heading – Advance Heading.
  • Button – Advance Powerful Button.
  • Counter – Awesome animated counter widget.
  • Count Down Timer – Count Down Timer.
  • Step Flow – Info Box for making different type service, info, content items group box.
  • Hotspot – Focus your products position by hotspot.
  • Icon Box – Show Icon Box.
  • Testimonial Box – Show users feedback in beautiful way.
  • Team Box – Display your team members in a beautiful way.
  • Card – Display profile or product in card view.
  • Skill Chart – Display your skill set by chart.
  • Post Timeline – Post view in timeline.
  • Work Hour – Display work hour or offical hour by this widget
  • News Ticker – Display news or urgent notice by this widget
  • Moving Letter – Display 15 type animation text by this widget
  • Dual Color Heading – Make attractive heading for beautiful website
  • Timeline – Represent your company or personal data by Timeline.
  • Accordion – Make faq or information on easyway by accordion .
  • Animated Headline – Make beautiful and attractive heading by animated headline.

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Bar Chart – Display statics on Bar chart.
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Polar Chart – Show statics on nice Polar chart
Doughnut Chart – Show statics on nice Doughnut chart
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Wrapper Link – Using this wrapper link extension you can link any elements.
Hover Effect – Using this extension you can easily add hover effect on any any elements.
CSS Transform (Pro) – Using this extension you can easily add css transform on any any elements.
Animation Effect (Pro) – Using this extension you can easily add animation effect on any any elements.
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Ultra Effect (Pro) – Using this extension you can easily add awesome effects on any any elements.
Gradient Text – Using this extension you can easily add awesome gradient color effects on any text elements.

Header & Footer
To change theme’s default Header or Footer, Even add additional content to Header or Footer – UltraAddons has awesome feature. User able to choose any pre-build Elementor Template.
Step 1: First create a template from Dashboard->Elementor Template->Add new and create template as page.
Step 2: go to Dashboard->UltraAddons->Header Footer and choose your Template from Elementor template as header.

Shortcode [UltraAddons_Template id='template_id']
UltraAddons provide a shortcode [UltraAddons_Template id='123']. Here 123 is a POST_ID. Use any Elementor page/Template’s POST_ID as id. Use Anywhere.
Suppose: you want to show any Elementor Item/Widget/Template in widget, or in any WordPress post or in Guttenberg block. Just use this shortcode.


You are welcome to contribute to this project. Join with us Fork Github repository.

* Owl Carousel v2.3.4 – https://github.com/OwlCarousel2/OwlCarousel2 https://github.com/OwlCarousel2/OwlCarousel2/blob/master/LICENSE
* jQuery countTo – https://github.com/mhuggins/jquery-countTo
* jQuery.Appear.js – https://github.com/morr/jquery.appear
* jQuery.barfiller.js – https://github.com/9bitStudios/barfiller


  • UltraAddons in Dashboard
  • UltraAddons in Dashboard
  • Card
  • WooCommerce Grid
  • WooCommerce Grid
  • WooCommerce Grid
  • WooCommerce Category
  • Working Hour
  • Step Flow
  • WPForms
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Mix Chart
  • Polar Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Product Carousel
  • Hotspot


  1. Upload ‘ultraaddons-elementor-lite’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Does this plugin support any theme?


Cam I use this plugin for my Theme?


Does this plugin support customization by Filter or Action Hook?

Yes, there are lot of filter and action hook available here. You can customize for your site even for your premium theme or plugin.


2. januar, 2023
Самое главное, нет ничего для информационного сайта. А всё, что нашёл, всё это есть у всех.
9. desember, 2022
Hello! I give you 5 * because your plugin one of the best. But I see one problem. I do not used slider plugins, because I used elementoe section with slide function. `+ Add a section, then click on left Edit section – style – and there you could insert a video or photos – slide. The height size could be stretched to full screen in the settings on the left, or by adding spacing to the column, stretching to the desired height. It doesn’t work when your plugin active. foto high only 200-300 px even real size 1200 high. And half section high is empty. Please check it and fixed. Thank you!
3. februar, 2022
Have used this on several sites with no issue. I had an issue with 1 site and the developers tracked it down to a setting in another plugin. Switched the setting and the issue was resolved. Thanks for your time and effort in tracking this down.
29. juni, 2021
If you are looking for a free plugin that has all you want, just click the download button and you will find one. Stuck on the progress after using the plugin? contact their support, they will help you as kind and fast as you might not expect from another plugin!
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“UltraAddons – Elementor Addons (Header Footer Builder, Custom Font, Custom CSS,Woo Widget, Menu Builder, Anywhere Elementor Shortcode)” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.




  • Depreciated code has been removed by Github User rami-elementor
  • Bug fixed.
  • Code Optimized.


  • CSS Load issue fixed and make it faster and faster.
  • Template/Block display shortcodes [UltraAddons_Template id='1234'],[UA_Template id='1234'] and [ULTRAADDONS_TEMPLATE id='1234'].
  • Dashboard Menu Fix and Shortcode_Template part has transerred to Setting menu.
  • Counter_Box has removed
  • Flip_Box has been removed


  • All widget are free Available
  • Code Optimize
  • Bug Fixed


  • [Added]: WooCommerce Widgets
  • [Added]: Chrats
  • [Added]: New Forms
  • [Fixed]: Fix some bugs


  • [Added]: Portfolio Widget (pro)
  • [Added]: Animated Headline Widget (pro)
  • [Added]: Drop Cap Widget (free)
  • [Added]: Product Accordion Widget (pro)
  • [Added]: Image Accordion Widget (pro)
  • [Added]: Timeline (pro)
  • [Added]: Floating Effect Extension (free)
  • [Added]: Custom CSS Extension (free)
  • [Fixed]: Custom css issue fixed
  • [Fixed]: Pro widget list showing issue fixed


  • Bug Fixed


  • [Added]: Icon Box Elementor Widget Added.
  • [Added]: Shortcode for Elementor Widget/Template.
  • [Fixed]: Slider Issue Fixed.
  • [Fixed]: Bug Fixed.


  • [Added]: Price Table Widget.
  • [Fixed]: Widget On/Off issue fixed.


  • [Added]: New widget for Woo Product Table
  • [Added]: Header Footer Features
  • [Added]: WC Cart Widget
  • [Added]: WP Menu Widget
  • [Added]: Compatibility for Medilac Theme
  • [Fixed]: Bug Fix


  • Initial release