RapidLoad Power-Up for Autoptimize


Automated site speed optimization for WordPress [PAID PREMIUM PLUGIN]

With RapidLoad, you can say goodbye to user frustration and skyrocket your conversion rates. effortless installation and the intuitive onboarding process seamlessly connects you to the rapidload.io service. Watch your website transform before your eyes as you witness remarkable speed improvements.

RapidLoad amplifies your website by optimizing CSS, JavaScript, images, fonts, and more. It delivers content lightning-fast with its global content delivery network (CDN) spanning over 112 edge locations, ensuring low latency and rapid content delivery to users worldwide.

Here are the benefits you will have when you get RapidLoad.

Relentless CSS optimization

CSS is the “Wardrobe” for an attractive website yet every CSS file doesn’t have a positive impact on your website so RapidLoad has some of the industry’s best tools to optimize and deliver CSS.

RapidLoad is the #1 CSS optimization tool for WordPress

Starting things off with “Removing Unused CSS”: RapidLoad’s Unused CSS Removal tool seamlessly scans your stylesheets, identifying and removing unused code. Helping you to achieve the best experience of faster loading times, improved user experiences, and better search engine rankings.

Next in line is “Generating Critical CSS”: Experience the power of Critical CSS by RapidLoad. Generating a Critical CSS stylesheet that contains only the essential CSS for above-the-fold content allows your above-the-fold content to appear instantaneously, captivating visitors from the moment they enter your website.

With RapidLoad, CSS minification eliminates unnecessary characters, streamlining your code for lightning-fast loading times.

That’s not all. We have many other features stored to optimize CSS code.

Image Delivery

Images of a website are the “Visual Palette” similar to how our eyes perceive and interpret the world around us. Dazzle your website’s Visual Palette with RapidLoad’s image optimization. Reducing load times and enhancing performance while preserving stunning visual quality and making your images truly captivating to grab visitors’ attention

Advanced Image Compression Technique: RapidLoad revolutionizes image optimization with its versatile compression techniques. Choose from three powerful options: lossy, glossy, and lossless.

  1. Lossy:- Our advanced lossy compression achieves the highest compression rate and results in the smallest optimized image size that loads lightning-fast. Strike the perfect balance between speed and quality with RapidLoad and deliver an exceptional browsing experience to your users.
  2. Glossy:- RapidLoad’s glossy compression is a secret weapon for professionals working with high-quality images to achieve remarkable results. Experience image optimization that retains the authenticity of the image while significantly reducing file sizes.
  3. Lossless:- Serve the perfect image with RapidLoad’s lossless compression. Hold on to the exact quality of your original images while still having significant size reduction. Ideal for technical drawings, vector graphics, and images with transparent backgrounds, RapidLoad’s lossless compression ensures image integrity.

Intriguing Lazy-Load Image and iFrame:- Restructure your website’s performance with RapidLoad’s optimal lazy-load image and iFrame functionality. This loads images and iframes only when users enter the user’s viewport, RapidLoad significantly reduces initial page load time, resulting in faster overall performance. Improve user experience, boost engagement, and optimize your website effortlessly

Priority LCP Images:- Give your visitors an instant visual delight with RapidLoad’s Priority LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) Images feature. By prioritizing and preloading above-the-fold images, your website delivers a seamless browsing experience from the moment it loads. Keeping your users engaged and satisfied.

CDN Delivery

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be described as the «global distribution network» of a website, efficiently delivering content to users worldwide from various edge locations, reducing latency, and ensuring fast and reliable access to website resources.

Harness the power of RapidLoad’s extensive content delivery network (CDN) with 112 edge locations strategically positioned worldwide. Accelerate resource file loading with an impressive 27ms latency, ensuring your content reaches users with unparalleled speed. Delight your audience with faster page loads, seamless browsing, and an exceptional user experience. Supercharge your website’s performance with RapidLoad’s Cloud Delivery (CDN) and leave slow loading times in the past.

JS Delivery

JavaScript is the «brain» of a website, RapidLoad provides top-notch tools to optimize and deliver JavaScript, ensuring efficient performance and an exceptional user experience.

Top of the game Javascript minification: RapidLoad’s Javascript minification tool helps you reduce JavaScript file sizes, streamlines JS code, and accelerates your website’s performance. Boosting user engagement and increasing conversions

Quickest JavaScript deferring:- RapidLoad has the best intelligent tool that delays non-critical JavaScript loading, which ensures a faster initial page load and provides a seamless browsing experience.

Delay Javascript to Load on User Interaction: Capture user attention and improve performance by using RapidLoad’s ability to delay JavaScript loading until user interaction. Helping you Boost engagement and streamline your website. Providing your visitors with a truly immersive experience by preventing slowdown during the initial page load

Font Delivery

Fonts can be described as the «voice» of a website, RapidLoad font delivery will add personality and convey the tone of the content, enhancing readability, and contributing to the overall visual aesthetics and branding.

Take Control of Your Website’s Voice with RapidLoad’s Self-Hosted Google Fonts: Embrace seamless font delivery and elevate your website’s performance with RapidLoad’s self-hosted Google Fonts feature. Storing and serving Google Fonts from your own server, Making you the master of your website voice and reducing dependency on other resources.

Preload font URLs: Maximize your website’s speed with RapidLoad’s font URL preloading feature. Downloading font files before they are required helps to reduce page load time. Delivering an exceptional user experience with lightning-fast font rendering and ensuring your content is visible and accessible.

Page Cache

Page Cache is the «memory» of a website, storing previously accessed data or resources to be quickly retrieved, reducing server load, and enhancing page loading speed for a greater user experience.

RapidLoad empowers your website with a cutting-edge page cache, resembling a powerful memory bank that stores previously accessed data and resources. By quickly retrieving cached content, RapidLoad significantly reduces server load and supercharges page loading speed. Providing seamless browsing, reduced latency, and delighted users with RapidLoad’s advanced page cache.

RapidLoad goes the extra mile to optimize your website’s mobile experience. Our innovative mobile cache ensures lightning-fast loading times and a seamless browsing experience for your mobile users. Benefit from reduced latency minimized data usage, and enhanced mobile performance with RapidLoad’s dedicated mobile cache.

Elevate your mobile website’s speed with RapidLoad cache and let your users get the best website experience from any device.

API usage

RapidLoad can significantly reduce load times and increase visual display for a smooth user experience. It even improves the performance of other optimizing plugins and extensions. RapidLoad integrates with the 3rd party service rapidload.io API to provide a seamless optimization process. (See Pricing plans – https://rapidload.io/pricing)

Simply install, activate the plugin, and follow the onboarding steps. This will quickly connect you to the rapidload.io service, and you can see the ground-breaking results for yourself.


  • RapidLoad 2.0 Dashboard
  • Analyze the site before connecting to the service.
  • Successfully completed jobs.
  • Google page speed insight + GTMetrix test.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


How much does it cost to purchase a license of RapidLoad and where can I buy one?

You can purchase the license for as little as $10/m. Just sign up directly via rapidload.io website.

What are the Terms and Conditions of rapidload.io usage

Read it here : https://rapidload.io/terms-conditions/

How does this plugin speed up my site?

It optimizes your site’s loading speed by leveraging advanced caching mechanisms, minimizing server requests, and optimizing the delivery of static assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript files. Additionally, RapidLoad utilizes techniques like lazy loading, which defers the loading of non-critical elements until they are needed, further enhancing the overall speed and efficiency of your site. Smaller files = faster sites!

My Site is broken after using RapidLoad. What can i do ?

There is a possibility the page can be broken with RapidLoad as it does the removal automatically. you can easily fix broken elements with safelist rules. we recommend to turn on «Load Original CSS files» and add safelist rules. if you are not sure how to add safelist rules create a support ticket in https://rapidload.zendesk.com/hc/en-us one of our support member will help you out .

Do I need to run this every time I make a change?

No! RapidLoad works in the background, so any new stylesheets that are added will be analyzed and optimized on the fly. Just set it and forget it!

Will this plugin work with Woocommerce?

Absolutely. RapidLoad works with Woocommerce, Woocommerce themes, and Woocommerce plugins.

Will this plugin work with other caching plugins?

RapidLoad works with all major caching plugins. If you are using a little known caching plugin and are experiencing issues with RapidLoad, please submit your issue and caching plugin name to our support team and we will review.

How is this plugin different from CriticalCSS?

RapidLoad looks for CSS that is not being applied at all and stops it from being loaded. CriticalCSS looks for CSS that needs to be applied when the page begins loading and reorders it based on priority.

How do exclusions work?

RapidLoad accepts both broad and star(*) expressions and regular expression exclusions of CSS selectors. You can add your exclusions in the unused CSS tab of the Autoptimize plugin settings.


25. september, 2023
Rapidload tech support was very helpful in helping me get the plugin set up correctly and to resolve some page rendering issues with WooCommerce. I was under the impression that Rapidload worked in concert with Autopimize. But it doesn't (maybe it can), but it's a stand-alone app. That was part of my confusion. My site is super fast now just using Rapidload.
16. mai, 2023 1 svar
RapidLoad is an excellent and affordable plugin. I first began using it over 1.5 years ago. I continue to be very impressed by how well it works and that it is easy to get it up and running. This plugin is a crucial solution if you use a bloated website theme builder. Plus RapidLoad's support team is there to answer your questions and look under the hood for you if you, which is valuable. FYI, in my experience, WP-Rocket alone is not enough.
26. april, 2023
Плагин отлично себя зарекомендовал как отличное решение в оптимизации сайта. При возникновении проблем команда разработчиков с радостью помогает их решить и решает успешно тем самым улучшает их продукт на площадке.
24. februar, 2023 1 svar
Installed this plugin but it is useless, it doesnt do anything, you need to pay to get this plugin to work. Plugin should not be listed on wordpress.org and should be removed or updated to allow functioning without buying it. 5. Trialware is not permitted. Plugins may not contain functionality that is restricted or locked, only to be made available by payment or upgrade. Functionality may not be disabled after a trial period or quota is met. In addition, plugins that provide sandbox only access to APIs and services are also trial, or test, plugins and not permitted.
5. februar, 2023
Useless plugin as it requires payment to work.
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“RapidLoad Power-Up for Autoptimize” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.



2.0.28 – 11/09/2023

  • fix: google font stylesheet not removing

2.0.27 – 01/09/2023

  • fix: some inline style images not optimizing

2.0.26 – 31/08/2023

  • fix: skipping gtag js on optimization

2.0.25 – 29/08/2023

  • improve: add default exclusions for javascript optimizations

2.0.24 – 28/07/2023

  • fix: selector pack items being duplicate

2.0.23 – 20/07/2023

  • feat: switch cdn staging to live
  • fix: all jobs getting cleared when all rules cleared
  • fix: remove backslashes from additional critical css content
  • fix: original css files not loading if mobile critical css enabled
  • fix: extract image url with https

2.0.22 – 17/07/2023

  • feat: add filter to prevent load original css on user interaction
  • fix: exclude background images being lazy loaded not working
  • fix: display RapidLoad menu in admin bar only to users with manage options permission

2.0.21 – 11/07/2023

  • feat: improve inline js optimization

2.0.20 – 11/07/2023

  • feat: improve inline js optimization

2.0.19 – 03/07/2023

  • feat: load original css with relative path urls

2.0.18 – 03/07/2023

  • feat: load original css with relative path urls

2.0.17 – 03/07/2023

  • feat: add support for data-src tag on image optimization
  • feat: load original css with relative path urls
  • feat: update new documentation link
  • improve: mobile critical css to eliminate reduce unused css

2.0.16 – 15/06/2023

  • feat: improved iframe lazy-loading

2.0.15 – 12/06/2023

  • fix: migration tables not creating on update

2.0.14 – 09/06/2023

  • fix: minor UI improvements

2.0.13 – 06/06/2023

  • feat: add filter to change the RapidLoad root url
  • fix: minor UI improvements

2.0.12 – 02/06/2023

  • feat: add filter to change the RapidLoad root dir
  • fix: minor UI improvements
  • fix: typecast job limit to integer
  • fix: purge admin area styles and javascript on plugin update
  • chore: update WordPress compatibility

2.0.11 – 29/05/2023

  • fix: remove aggregate css option
  • fix: bug in loading selector packs
  • chore: updated banner

2.0.10 – 27/05/2023

  • Added JS optimization, image optimization, built-in CDN, page cache, and font optimization features for enhanced performance and bring you 95+ scores in page speed.
  • fix: rules are not showing up in the legacy dashboard

2.0.9 – 27/05/2023

  • Added JS optimization, image optimization, built-in CDN, page cache, and font optimization features for enhanced performance and bring you 95+ scores in page speed.

1.7.3 – 04/04/2023

  • fix: UnusedCSS – Malformed Request Detected error

1.7.2 – 10/03/2023

  • fix: potential vulnerability in AJAX requests verified with nonce

1.7.1 – 08/02/2023

  • improve: critical css jobs queue process

1.7.0 – 27/01/2023

  • feat: new improved and faster serverless architecture deployed for optimization jobs

1.6.36 – 10/01/2023

  • fix: potential vulnerability check added for rule-based-injection

1.6.34 – 21/11/2022

  • fix: wrong folder permission for the cache folder
  • fix: load original css not working for inlined stylesheets
  • improve: remove critical-css styles when load original css enabled
  • feat: tested up to WordPress 6.1

1.6.33 – 21/10/2022

  • improve: remove no-scripts tag wrapping for replaceable stylesheets

1.6.32 – 14/10/2022

  • fix : mobile critical-css files getting deleted when clearing cache files

1.6.31 – 23/09/2022

  • fix : known bugs to smooth user experience

1.6.30 – 19/09/2022

  • fix : known bugs to smooth user experience

1.6.29 – 15/09/2022

1.6.28 – 12/09/2022

  • fix : URL too long issue on DataTable in the jobs table

1.6.27 – 08/09/2022

  • improve : handle jobs hanging in processing status

1.6.26 – 26/07/2022

  • feat : added nitropack plugin support

1.6.25 – 22/07/2022

  • fix : known bugs to smooth user experience

1.6.24 – 12/07/2022

  • feat : tested up-to WordPress version 6.0
  • feat : don’t clear inlined critical CSS on user-interaction
  • feat: added referral program
  • fix : throws 410 gone when unused css file cannot find the original css file on some cases
  • fix : rules gets deleted when jobs gets deleted

1.6.23 – 18/04/2022

  • feat : tested upto wordpress version 5.9
  • improve : support for multi sites environment

1.6.22 – 03/02/2022

  • feat : tested upto wordpress version 5.9
  • fix : PHP Warning – array_column() expects parameter 1 to be array, bool given

1.6.21 – 26/10/2021

  • feat : tested upto wordpress version 5.9
  • fix : PHP Warning – array_column() expects parameter 1 to be array, bool given

1.6.20 – 26/10/2021

  • fix: rapidload table’s not creating in wordpress multi site setup

1.6.19 – 26/10/2021

  • feat: minify additional critical css
  • feat: add filter to deregister backend stylesheet conflicts
  • fix: disable requeue on warnings not working
  • fix: creating empty folders for debug logs
  • fix: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: count()

1.6.18 – 05/10/2021

  • feat: add Ninja Forms plugin support
  • improve: exclude woocommerce dynamic pages

1.6.17 – 01/10/2021

  • improve: rule based injection

1.6.16 – 30/09/2021

  • fix: critical job duplication error

1.6.15 – 29/09/2021

  • feat: add option to enable mobile version of critical css
  • feat: exclude RapidLoad from amp pages
  • improve: disable critical css if render blocking option enabled in wprocket or autoptimize
  • improve: exclude post types [shop_coupon, shop_order] from optimization

1.6.14 – 23/09/2021

  • fix: W3C validation errors thrown by RapidLoad

1.6.13 – 22/09/2021

  • feat: added export/import option for rules
  • fix: PHP 8.0 – Fatal error Uncaught ArgumentCountError: 99 arguments are required, 3 given

1.6.12 – 06/09/2021

  • feat: generate separate critical css for mobile
  • feat: removed critical css style element on user interaction if load original css enabled

1.6.11 – 04/09/2021

  • fix: removed frontend logging function making db calls on debugging mode
  • fix: W3C validation errors thrown by RapidLoad (removed rapidload headers)

1.6.10 – 30/08/2021

  • feat : added asset clean up plugin support
  • fix: W3C validation errors thrown by RapidLoad

1.6.9 – 25/08/2021

  • feat : added wpforms plugin support
  • feat : update sitemap url from robots.txt file
  • fix : special chars being encoded in scripts (&amp, &quote)
  • fix : Can not read property aoData of undefined
  • fix : usort(): Returning bool from comparison function is deprecated

1.6.8 – 06/08/2021

  • fix : rollback to simplehtmldom parser
  • fix : fix global post override

1.6.7 – 03/08/2021

  • feat : optimized database queries for better performance (phase 3)
  • feat : add support for Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
  • improve : improve elementor plugin support
  • improve : add index to rapidload data tables

1.6.6 – 29/07/2021

  • fix : Elementor editor not loading for several users

1.6.5 – 29/07/2021

  • feat : optimized database queries for better performance (phase 2)
  • feat : updated HTML parser

1.6.4 – 28/07/2021

  • feat : optimized database queries for better performance

1.6.3 – 27/07/2021

  • feat : tested upto wordpress version 5.8
  • improve : critical css feature

1.6.2 – 23/07/2021

  • fix : disable auto queue option not working

1.6.1 – 19/07/2021

  • improve : critical css feature

1.6.0 – 16/07/2021

  • feat : added critical css feature to eliminate render-blocking

1.5.2 – 08/07/2021

  • feat : requeue rules on warnings
  • improve : lightspeed cache plugin

1.5.1 – 23/06/2021

  • fix : warning strpos() empty needle

1.5.0 – 17/06/2021

  • feat : Universal support for
    – WP Rocket
    – LIteSpeed Cache
    – Cache Enabler
    – W3 Total Cache
    – Wp Super Cache
    – WP Fastest Cache
    – WP Optimize
    – Proxy Cache Purge

1.4.15 – 17/06/2021

  • feat : added Hummingbird plugin support
  • feat : added RapidLoad 404 error handler
  • fix: Fatal Error Cannot use object of type stdClass as array

1.4.14 – 14/06/2021

  • improve: set default sitemap url from robots.txt

1.4.13 – 14/06/2021

  • feat: add Proxy Cache Purge plugin support
  • fix: options cleared on deactivation

1.4.12 – 10/06/2021

  • improve: Load original CSS as default option to prevent layout breaks
  • improve: rule based injection with regex pattern
  • fix: undefined is_product function in Woocommerce rule based injection
  • improve: add Cloudflare cache busting query param to RapidLoad

1.4.11 – 20/05/2021

  • feat: (beta) rule based injection

1.4.10 – 19/05/2021

  • feat: added select all option in optimization table
  • improve: support for wp super cache
  • improve: add option to disable requeue jobs on warnings
  • improve: handle jobs hanging in processing status
  • fix: url trailing slash with query param

1.4.9 – 04/05/2021

  • feat: add support to W3 Total Cache
  • improve: exclude elementor preview url from RapidLoad
  • fix: is_file warning File name is longer than allowed path length

1.4.8 – 27/04/2021

  • feat: add filter to disable original file name suffix
  • improve: exclude customizer from rapidload

1.4.7 – 22/04/2021

  • feat: add support to WP Super Cache plugin
  • improve: improved job queueing process

1.4.6 – 17/04/2021

  • improve: add filter to allow users to stop re-queueing jobs on fail or warnings
  • improve: clear page cache for failed jobs

1.4.5 – 17/04/2021

  • improve: improved job queueing process

1.4.4 – 15/04/2021

  • improve: improved job queueing process
  • improve: improved error handling for jobs

1.4.3 – 12/04/2021

  • feat: added new ‘waiting’ job status
  • improve: improved error handling for jobs

1.4.2 – 06/04/2021

  • fix: improved and faster job processing

1.4.1 – 05/04/2021

  • NOTE: It is recommended to update immediately to v1.4.1
  • ROLLBACK: rolling back to older queue processing method.

1.4.0 – 05/04/2021

  • NOTE: It is recommended to update immediately to v1.4
  • feat: improved and faster job processing

1.3.21 – 02/04/2021

  • improve: update filter stylesheet patch

1.3.20 – 02/04/2021

  • feat: removing unused css for inline css
  • feat: add support to Google Mod Page Speed plugin
  • improve: add filter to allow users to stop adding items to the queues dynamically

1.3.19 – 18/03/2021

  • feat: tested with WordPress 5.7
  • feat: add support to Yoast SEO plugin
  • feat: add support to Rankmath SEO plugin
  • feat: add option to requeue and remove multiple jobs
  • feat: add option to select jobs per page
  • feat: url and file exclusion with wild card expressions
  • improve: requeue when autoptimize cache cleared
  • fix: immediate jobs being held in processing

1.3.18 – 17/03/2021

  • fix: media update on load original css

1.3.17 – 16/03/2021

  • fix: Kinsta Cache clear cache

1.3.16 – 16/03/2021

  • feat: add support to WP Engine Cache plugin
  • feat: add support to Kinsta Cache plugin
  • fix: base dir double slash in url
  • fix: disable refresh table when popup is open
  • fix: null error on rapidload menu registration

1.3.15 – 03/03/2021

  • feat: add support to WP Fastest Cache plugin
  • feat: add support to Cookie Notice plugin
  • feat: add support to AUTOPTIMIZE_CACHE_CHILD_DIR constant
  • feat: inbuilt Faq section
  • fix: WP Rocket clear cache
  • improve: file path filtering on frontend

1.3.12 – 25/02/2021

  • feat: allow users to disable adding jobs to queue on user visits
  • feat: add support to WP Optimize plugin
  • feat: add support to Cloudflare plugin
  • feat: add support to Optimole plugin
  • improve: add cdn url filter
  • improve: file path filtering on frontend
  • fix: pending jobs status not reflecting properly
  • fix: allow non unicode url exclusion

1.3.11 – 18/02/2021

  • feat: server side paginate optimizations to improve performance
  • feat: allow users to view page speed insight tool withing GPSI success result
  • feat: allow users to remove, requeue jobs through extra actions in the optimizations table
  • fix: exclude URL option breaks when there is a query param
  • fix: logs are not being created on some servers

1.3.10 – 16/02/2021

  • fix: is_plugin_active is not defined

1.3.9 – 16/02/2021

  • feat: allow users to pass custom headers and query params to API request (Authentication)
  • feat: add support to LS Cache plugin
  • feat: allow users to add custom URLs
  • feat: allow users to add optimizations through sitemap
  • feat: add «Clear page cache» action to supported plugins in the optimization table
  • fix: some CDN URLs are firing warnings

1.3.8 – 12/02/2021

  • feat: log optimizations table errors
  • feat: allow pending jobs to be re-queued
  • improve: cache enabler plugin support
  • improve: wp-rocket plugin support
  • fix: index drop query throwing a warning

1.3.7 – 10/02/2021

  • improve: wp-rocket cache clearing
  • fix: some CDN URLs not being optimized
  • feat: allow URL column to add lengthier URLs
  • refactor: update text copies


  • feat: retry jobs with warnings couple of more times
  • feat: allow queued jobs to run immediately with «refresh button»
  • refactor: update text copies in the plugin
  • fix: run wp_enqueue_script callback at last as possible


  • feat: add debug mode to the plugin with logs.
  • refactor: move advanced settings option positions
  • feat: change option «Disable Cache busting» to «Cache busting» (enable)


  • refactor: temporarily remove GPSI article link


  • feat: allow user to disable cache busting
  • feat: view optimization status with google page speed insight and gtmetrix
  • feat: search exact url’s in optimizations table
  • fix: first job is shows a blank result in onboarding
  • fix: optimized files not being injected when using CDN


  • fix: noscript link tags being marked as warnings
  • fix: show queue attempts when there are any
  • feat: add warning filter in optimizations filter
  • refactor: minor text updates


  • NOTE: refresh optimization jobs
  • fix: api options not being passed when job ran via the interval queue.
  • fix: page safelist options not being passed to the api via the interval queue.


  • feat: migrate to native php filesystem from wp filesystem
  • feat: increase the max limit of jobs per minute
  • feat: add warning when ao non-static option is enabled
  • fix: reduce queue retry attempts to 1
  • fix: extra trailing slash added on the content
  • refactor: minor text updates


  • feat: retry jobs in attempts when cache files are obsolete
  • feat: basic support to autoptimize non-static files
  • fix: handle database migration fails on plugin activation


  • fix: bug in : 0 files returned jobs marked as processing forever
  • fix: use WP_CONTENT_DIR constant to get the wp content dir


  • fix: console warnings in admin panel
  • fix: 0 files returned jobs marked as processing forever
  • fix: detect failed uucss cache directory creation
  • feat: add wp-rocket cache busting support to the api
  • feat [API]: supports url cache busting with headers/queries
  • feat [API]: api busts page caches by itself


  • fix: reduce varchar length to fix «The maximum column size is 767 bytes» error
  • fix: adds a wrong warning about excluded files as not found.
  • fix: run first job immediately without adding to the queue.


  • fix: exclude missing ao cache files from being optimized
  • fix: optimized google fonts are not being saved as css
  • feat: refresh jobs immediately on user request


  • feat: improve the optimizations table ui
  • fix: redirected urls are marked as ‘processing’
  • fix: missing vertical scroll of the info tooltip


  • feat: multisite support added
  • feat: run jobs in queue
  • feat: specify the queue job interval and jobs per interval
  • feat: filter jobs with its status
  • feat: search job urls in optimizations
  • feat: add warnings when optimized files are missing
  • feat: wordpress filter hook to api request options
  • feat: button texts makes more sense now
  • feat: allow users to refresh optimizations within optimizations table
  • feat: show proper errors when activating with license key
  • fix: post blocklists not being sent to api
  • fix: license key verification fails for some users
  • fix: cron not working notification shown even with successful jobs


  • fix: blank option value doesn’t clear the cache
  • fix: activating from blank api-key breaks the option values


  • fix: check for file permissions in plugin cache dir instead of the whole wp-content
  • feat : allow users to connect to the app with the license key as well
  • version : 1.0.18 === 1.1.1


  • feat: migrate from wp options api to wp table api to manage options – faster
  • feat: load original css on user interaction
  • feat: show job warnings
  • feat: only clear cache if required
  • feat: don’t clear cache on options update, requeue instead
  • feat: show queue status of jobs
  • feat: limit failed job retries to 5
  • feat: deactivate without redirecting to the app
  • feat: request for feedback on plugin deactivation
  • feat: analyze site before connecting to the api
  • fix: scrolling the body div in onboard
  • fix: do domain verification call only to options page
  • fix: load admin bar script with jQuery dependency


  • fix: clearing all caches on new page/post creation
  • fix: composer autoload file not being loaded on some servers
  • fix: autoptimize optimized files are not being injected with CDN usage


  • feat: add compatibility to wordpress 5.6
  • fix: don’t strip lines in html
  • fix: broken remove rule icon in options fixed


  • fix: slash omitted in uucss job urls


  • fix: don’t force auto close html tags


  • feat: improve getting current url in request
  • fix: homepage with latest posts not running the jobs


  • feat: improve inaccessible file system handling
  • feat: refresh styles and scripts with plugin version
  • fix: minor plugin option ui improvements


  • fix: getallheaders undefined on some servers


  • fix: plugin fails to access the wp filesystem breaks the activation


  • feat: update support links in plugin


  • fix: php warning in safelist option
  • feat: improve user agent detection


  • fix: simplehtmldom conflicts with other plugin

  • Rebranding with name RapidLoad
  • Animated logo added