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Recapture Customers Who Aren’t Ready to Buy

Let’s face it; the majority of shoppers aren’t ready to buy today. So how do you recapture these sales? Easy. Provide consumers with a single-click save-it-for-later function to all your merchandise.

The Next-Generation Wishlist is Here

Other apps only let you create a wishlist within your store. But here’s the problem. Unless you’re Amazon or Walmart, consumers won’t return to a one-off wishlist. Buyers simply don’t want to juggle multiple wishlists for every small business they come across. Wishfinity provides a transformational new method — a Universal Wishlist. We let consumers keep track of what they want from any merchant, no matter how big or small. Don’t rely only on an outdated wishlist method that no one will revisit. With Wishfinity, your merchandise can finally compete alongside the big brands.

We Expose Your Merchandise to More Customers

Once a customer clicks the +Wishfinity button, your merchandise is immediately added to their Universal Wishlist. From here, the buyer can easily purchase your inventory when they’re ready – but more importantly, so can their family and friends as a gift. Wishfinity is a Social Gifting Platform, which multiplies the number of buyers for each of your items. We proactively promote the merchandise in the universal wishlist back to the consumer and their social network — providing you free, organic marketing, tremendous viral growth, and increased likelihood of sales.

One of the Fastest Growing Shopping Communities

Wishfinity has thousands upon thousands of consumers who have already added millions upon millions of dollars in desired gifts. When you add the +Wishfinity button to your store, you give these hungry buyers a single-click shortcut to your products. And once your inventory integrates with our vibrant social network, it’s part of a robust marketing engine.

We Send Customers Back to Your Store

Wishfinity is here to help you recapture sales that would typically slip through the cracks. We let consumers save your items, share it with gift-giving fans — and once everyone is ready to buy, they come back to YOUR store to complete the transaction. Don’t lose out on the Trillion dollar Gifting Economy. Add the Wishfinity abandoned cart safety net to your store today.

Help Us Help You

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  1. This plugin requires WooCommerce, so please check you have installed/activated WooCommerce

  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wishfinity directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

  4. Use the Wishfinity menu to configure the plugin. In the settings you can enable badge, select size and position

  5. You can see badge on products pages and pages with list of products (shop page, category page)


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