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18. august, 2020
WordPress 5.5 WooCommerce 4.3 this still works perfectly, exactly what I needed.
26. januar, 2018
So far, does exactly what it says. Easy install and nothing to configure. A note to others, if you install the plugin, then leave a test review and are LOGGED IN, you will see the stars and most of the review on the site, along with a note "Your review is awaiting approval". But now log out, and reload the page, and you will see the review is NOT there, pending approval. This took me a second to figure out, and I wonder if the other plugin review here that said it doesn't work are from people who didn't figure this out? Anyway, thanks developers, very helpful plugin! Please keep it updated! One last thing, I can't believe woocommerce doesn't do this by default. Unbelievable!
21. januar, 2018
I confirm works very nicely. The person giving the opinion sees it as I would add (thanks to cookies). however, in fact no one else will see this opinion until it is approved by the administrator. Super !!! thanks 🙂
31. mai, 2017
I tested simultaneously on three different browsers and the reviews still show up without approval. The message "your comment is awaiting for approval" is not showing either.
3. september, 2016
This plugin works, guys. It's just that the person who leaves the comment, will see one's own comment. However, the comment still needs to be approved for others to see it, which is a nice concept actually. This is my first plugin review ever, I just wanted to tribute to the plugin author. I can see that you are a great guy. Thanks a lot for the work. Please do keep this updated, thanks again.
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