Pay with Vipps for WooCommerce


Official Vipps payment plugin for WooCommerce. More than 4 million Norwegians use Vipps, more than 400 000 use Vipps on a daily basis. Give them an easy, fast and familiar shopping experience.

This is the official Vipps plugin for Vipps Checkout, Vipps ePayments (Vipps Nettbetaling) and Vipps Express Checkout (Vipps Hurtigkasse). Increase your conversion rate by letting your customers choose Vipps directly in the checkout or even do an Express Checkout from the cart.

Du kan også gjøre viktige kontorjobber som capture og tilbakebetaling direkte fra WooCommerce. Lett for dine kunder og lett for deg.

Les informasjon fra Vipps om utvidelsen.

Vipps Checkout

With Vipps Checkout enabled in the plugin, you will get a complete checkout in your webshop, designed by Vipps. It contains regular Vipps payments, a card payment option for those that can’t or won’t use Vipps as well as the ability to get the shipping address of the customer in an easy way. Read more about Vipps Checkout here

Vipps ePayment

When you enable this plugin, your customers will be able to choose Vipps as a payment method in the checkout. There is no need to go via a third party payment method. If your customer choose Vipps, she fills in her name and address and is then asked to enter her phone number in the Vipps dialogue. Then she confirms the payment in the Vipps app. Customer info like name and address is sent to the store from Vipps.

Vipps Hurtigkasse

Når du skrur på Hurtigkasse, kan kundene dine velge mellom vanlig kassaløsning, eller å gå direkte til Vipps. Velger de Vipps taster de kun in sitt telefonnummer, og resten av kjøpet gjøres rett i Vipps-appen.

Siden Vipps vet hvem kundene er, trenger de ikke føre inn all personlig informasjon. Kunden kan bare velge fraktmetode og godta betalingen. Vipps vil sende all nødvendig informasjon tilbake til butikken. Lett, raskt og sikkert.

The express checkout can be done in the following ways:

  • From the cart
  • From the category pages
  • From the product page
  • From shareable links distributed by email, banners etc
  • From QR codes distributed digitally or in print

Settings for the cart, category and product pages can be found in the WooCommerce settings for the Vipps payment gateway.

Shareable links and QR codes can be generated from the Vipps tab on the product page.

Hvordan komme i gang

  • Sign up to use Vipps, adn choose your product on Vipps Portal
  • After 1-2 days you will get an email with login details to Vipps Developer Portal, where you can get the API credentials
  • Download and install the plugin
  • Konfigurer utvidelsen

How to install the plugin

  1. Install the plugin using WordPress’ built-in installer. The plugin can also be installed manually by upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Aktiver utvidelsen via ‘Utvidelser’-skjermen i WordPress.
  3. Gå til WooCommerce Instillinger-siden, velg Betalinger og skru på Vipps
  4. Go the settings page for the Vipps plugin and enter your Vipps account keys. Your account keys are available in the Vipps Developer Portal (detailed info in the section below)

How to get Vipps account keys from Vipps Developer Portal

  1. Logg inn på Vippsportalen på med BankID
  2. Select the «Utvikler» («Developer») tab and choose Production Keys. Here you can find the merchant serial number (6 figures)
  3. Click on «Show keys» under the API keys column to see “Client ID”, “Client Secret” and “Vipps Subscription Key”

Contributing on Github

This project is hosted on Github at:

Extending the Order Management API integration

From version 1.10.0, this plugin implements the Vipps Order Management API, sending a receipt to the customers’ app, and sending the order confirmation link as the Order Confirmation link category. You can, using this api, send over an image and a link for the categories receipt (RECEIPT), ticket (TICKET), shipping (DELIVERY), booking (BOOKING) and a general category (GENERAL).

For instance, if you have a page or url for tracking shipping, you can add this to the customers’ app by extending the ‘woo_vipps_add_order_categories’ filter like so:

   add_filter('woo_vipps_add_order_categories', function ($categories, $order, $gateway) {
          $shippingpagedata = array(
            'link' => <your shipping URL here>, 
            'image' => <filename or attachment ID of your illustration for shipping here, if required>,
            'imagesize' => <for attachments, the image size to use>);
          $categories['DELIVERY'] = $shippingpagedata;
          return $categories;
      }, 10, 3);

You can similarily send ticket information (with e.g. a QR code) for the TICKET or BOOKING category and so forth.

Javascript filters and actions

From version 1.1.13 you can also modify the javascript using the new WP hooks library for javascript:
* ‘vippsBuySingleProduct’ – action which is run whenever a customer tries to buy a single product using express checkout
* ‘vippsBuySingleProductCompatMode’ – filter which should return true or false, if true, the compatibility mode action will be run instead of the standard ajax.
* ‘vippsBuySingleProductCompatModeAction’ – filter which should return a javascript function to run when buying a product and compatibility mode is on. Will normally press the «Buy» button for you.
* ‘vippsRemoveErrorMessages’ – runs when Vipps error messages are to be removed.
* ‘vippsErrorMessage’ – runs for every Vipps error message added with Javascript. Takes the message as an argument
* ‘vippsAddErrorMessage’ – runs when an error message is about to be added. Takes the message as an argument
* ‘vippsInit’ – runs when a page with a Vipps button is initialzed
* ‘vippsStatusCheckErrorHandler’ – A filter that should return function taking a statustext and an error object. It receives the default error handler, and is called when checking the order status with ajax for some reason ends up in an error.


  • Enable Vipps Checkout as your checkout.
  • Skru på Vipps som betalingsmetode
  • Skriv inn dine Vipps-kontonøkler og konfigurer utvidelsen


Denne utvidelsen gir 1 blokk.

  • Pay with Vipps for WooCommerce


  1. Install the plugin using WordPress’ built-in installer. The plugin can also be installed manually by upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Aktiver utvidelsen via ‘Utvidelser’-skjermen i WordPress.
  3. Gå til WooCommerce Instillinger-siden, velg Betalinger og skru på Vipps
  4. Go the settings page for the Vipps plugin and enter your Vipps account keys. Your account keys are available in the Vipps Developer Portal (detailed info in the section below)


I hvilke land kan jeg bruke Vipps?

Du kan bare ta betalt av brukere som har Vipps. For øyeblikket er Vipps bare tilgjengelig i Norge.

Hvordan kan jeg få hjelp hvis jeg får problemer?

Hvis du har problemer med din WooCommerce-installasjon, bruk support-forumet her på For andre problemer kan du ta kontakt med Vipps.

Why are orders put on-hold and not reserved or completed?

When the order is on-hold the payment is reserved, but not yet transferred to the merchant. The money must be ‘captured’ before they are actually transferred to the merchant. You are normally only allowed to do this at the same time as the order is shipped. You can ‘capture’ the money explicitly on the order screen; but the money will be captured automatically when the order is set to «Processing» or «Complete».

There is an exception for orders where all items are both virtual and downloadable: These are not considered to need processing and will be captured automatically (and go directly to the ‘Complete’ status). It is possible to customize this property for your needs using the woocommerce_order_item_needs_processing filter.

From version 1.1.11 on, you can choose «Processing» as the end state instead of «On Hold», but be aware that these orders will only have been reserved, not captured; so you should always then capture before shipping.

Can I refund orders or part of orders using Vipps

Yes, you can do refunds, including partial refunds, using the standard WooCommerce mechanism ( Additionally, if you cancel an order that was already captured, the money will be refunded for the whole order. If automatic refund through the Vipps API should fail, you will need to refund manually; in this case an error message to this effect will be displayed and the order annotated.

What is ‘compatibility mode’ in the settings?

Some plugins add new features to products or entirely new product types to WooCommerce; which the ‘Express Checkout’ function may not be able to handle. It can be possible to fix this using hooks and filters, but if you choose this feature, express checkout will be done in a different manner which is very much more likely to work for a given plugin. The cost is that the process will be slightly less smooth.

Why is my shipping wrong when using express checkout?

It may be that the shipping method you are using some how does not work when calculated from the Vipps app, where the customer is somewhat anonymous. However, since version 1.4.0 this problem ought to be greatly reduced, so if you still have this problem, report this on the forum and we’ll try to fix it.

If you have shipping methods that add additional information on the ‘normal’ checkout page they will not be able to provide that information to Express Checkout plugin, since that page is bypassed. You may be able to add those options on a different page; but you may want to remove those options when using Express Checkout.

Formerly, there was a filter used to work around this, namely ‘woo_vipps_shipping_methods’. This still works, but if you use it, it will disable the ‘new’ shipping method calculation. You may still customize the Express Checkout shipping; the new filter is called ‘woo_vipps_shipping_rates’.

For sikkerhets skyld bør du teste fraktmetodene i Express Chechout før løsningen publiseres.

I’d like to use sequential order numbers at Vipps instead of the WooCommerce order-ids using a sequential order number plugin. Does this plugins support that?

Yes, though you need to ensure that the order-id’s you produce like this are unique for your Vipps account, and you currently have to use a filter in your themes’ functions.php file. We recommend using a prefix for your order ids, so a filter that will work with sequential order numbers would look like

add_filter('woo_vipps_orderid', function ($default, $prefix, $order) {
    return $prefix . $order->get_order_number();
}, 10, 3);

Firewall ports

Ensure outgoing traffic to port 443 is open. This is used to communicate with Vipps servers.

Tilbyr Vipps et testmiljø for Vipps for Woocommerce?

Yes, but you will need a separate account, and you will need to install a special test version of the Vipps app, available trough Testflight. For your test account, the keys will be at; you will configure these in the developer mode settings.

Contact Vipps for access to the test app. This app must be installed on a device that does not have the normal Vipps app installed, or there will be conflicts.

For å bruke testmodus må «Utviklermodus» slås på. Du kan så legge inn testnøkler fra, og slå testmodus på og av.

If this isn’t practical for your usage, we recommend that you «test in production» with a small amount, like 2 NOK. Just refund or cancel the purchase as needed.

Hvilke krav stilles?

  • WooCommerce 3.3.4 eller nyere er påkrevet
  • PHP 5.6 eller høyere er påkrevet.
  • Et SSL-sertifikat er påkrevet

Filters and Hooks for customization

There are several filters and hooks you can use to customize the behaviour of this plugin:
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_is_available’: Takes a boolean availability argument and the gateway and must return true or false
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_available’: Takes a boolean availability argument and the gateway and must return true or false.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_cart_express_checkout_button’: Receives a complete button text and the URL needed to proceed to the express checkout page.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_banner’: Receives a message with an express checkout button and an URL for the same, should return a message for the express checkout banner normally shown on the checkout page
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_buy_now_button’: Takes HTML for the button, and optionally product id, variation id, sku and if the button is to be shown as disabled by default
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_show_express_checkout’ – Takes a boolean, returns whether or not to show the express checkout button
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_show_single_product_buy_now’ – Takes a boolean and a product, returns true if the product should show a ‘buy now with vipps’ button
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_show_single_product_buy_now_in_loop’ – Like above, but especially for products shown in the loop – catalog pages, archives and so forth
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_spinner’: takes one argument which is a ‘wait’ spinner for certain pages
* Filter ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_shipping_rates’ which replaces the ‘woo_vipps_shipping_methods’. It takes a list of shipping methods, and order, and a cart. The format of the shipping methods is an array of ‘rate’ which is a WC_Shipping_Rate object, ‘priority’ which is an integer and the sort-order Vipps will use to display the alternatives, and ‘default’, which is a boolean: This will be the default choice
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_default_shipping_method’ taking the default shipping method ID, a list of the shipping methods available (as a table from method id to WC_Shipping_Rate object) and the order. Return a shipping rate id, like ‘local_pickup:5’
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_vipps_formatted_shipping_methods’. This will take an array of the methods to be sent to Vipps, formatted as required by Vipps. This is mostly for debugging.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_shipping_callback_packages’: Takes the ‘packages’ from the cart used to calculate shipping in the shipping details callback
* Filter ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_final_shipping_rate’: Takes an WC_Shipping_Rate object, the order, and the shipping info from Vipps. Must return a WC_Shipping_Rate object which will be added to the order.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_country_to_code’: Takes a country code and a country name. Should return a two-letter ISO-3166 country code from a given country name
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_show_capture_button’: Takes a boolean and an order and returns whether or not to show the capture button in the backend
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_captured_statuses’: Returns a list of the statuses for which Vipps should try a capture when transitioning to them.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_transaction_text’: Takes a transaction text and an order object, must return a text to be passed to Vipps and displayed to the user along the lines of «Please confirm your order»
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_special_page_template’: Takes a (complete) template path as returned by locate_template and the ID of the Vipps special page, should return a new template path (using locate_template or similar).
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_order_failed_redirect’: Takes an empty string or an url and an order id. If URL is returned, go there on cancelled or failed orders.
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_product_supports_express_checkout’: Takes a boolean and a product, returns true if the product can be bought with express checkout
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_cart_supports_express_checkout’: Takes a boolean and a cart, returns true if the cart can be bought with express checkout
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_supported_product_types’: Returns a list of product types (as strings) that can be bought with express checkout
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_orderid’: Takes default Vipps orderid, the order prefix, and an order object. Must return an unique (at Vipps) order ID with 30 chars or less. Default is the prefix + orderid, e.g. ‘Woo364’.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_shipping_details_callback_order’: Takes an order-id and the corresponding vipps order id. Run at the start of the shipping methods callback.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_restoring_cart’: Takes an order and a saved cart contents array, ran after the order has failed or is aborted
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_cart_restored’: Runs after the cart has been restored after the order has been aborted of failed
‘ Action: ‘woo_vipps_cart_saved’: When redirecting to Vipps, the cart is saved so it can be restored in case the order isn’t completed. This action is ran after this has happened.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_before_redirect_to_vipps’: Takes an order-id, called at the end of process_payment right before the redirect to Vipps
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_before_create_express_checkout_order’: Takes the cart to do express checkout for, run before the order is created
* Filter : ‘woo_vipps_create_express_checkout_cart_contents’: Takes a cart contents array from which an express checkout order will be created . Should return a like array.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_order_created’: Takes an order ID, run right after an express checkout order has been created, but before it is processed’
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_before_process_payment’: Takes an order-id, called at the start of process_payment
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_wait_for_payment_page’: Run on the page shown on return from Vipps
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_page’: Run on the express checkout page, before redirect to Vipp
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_set_order_shipping_details’: Takes an order object, shipping details from Vipps and user details from Vipps. Runs after shipping details have been added to the order on return from express checkout.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_callback’: Runs when Vipps does the callback on a successful payment, takes Vipps’ data as input. Useful for logging/debugging the callback.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_get_order_status’: Takes the order status returned by Vipps – called when the Vipps callback hasn’t happened and we need the order status. Useful for logging.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_vipps_callback’: Is ran when the Vipps callback happen, with the decoded and raw POST from Vipps. Useful for logging.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_shipping_details_callback’: Is ran when Vipps does the shipping details callback on express checkout. Takes decoded and raw POST from Vipps, and the callback args. For debugging.
* Action: ‘woo_vipps_shipping_details_before_cart_creation’: Run after order is updated but before a cart is created to do shipping calculations. Takes an order, The order-id at Vipps and the callback arguments from Vipps
* Filter: ‘woo_vipps_transaction_text_shop_id’: This is used to identify your shop in the transaction texts sent to Vipps (and shown to the user). Default is home_url(), but there is a length limit, so this filter allows you to keep it short.


  • [woo_vipps_express_checkout_button] will print the express checkout button if valid
    • [woo_vipps_express_checkout_banner] will print the express checkout banner normally shown on the checkout page for non-logged-in users
    • [woo_vipps_buy_now sku= id= variant=] prints a «buy now» button given a SKU or an (product or variant) id. Just the SKU is sufficient.


18. august, 2020
Utvidelsen fungerer bra og har funksjonaliteten som trenges. Imponert over kvalitet på support!
6. februar, 2020 1 svar
Utrolig takknemlig for en enkel og grei Vipps-løsning for WooCommerce. Det kan være verdt å nevne at oppsettet og henting av nøkler hos Vipps er mye lettere enn det var. Nå er det bare et par klikk for å sette opp og ta imot betaling etter at avtalen med Vipps er opprettet. Er det problemer, får man fantastisk og ikke minst rask hjelp her på support-forumet også. Savner støtte for WooCommerce Subscriptions, men forhåpentligvis er dette noe som kommer etterhvert. Hadde også likt muligheten til å sende betalingsforespørsel direkte til kundens Vipps-app fra en manuelt opprettet ordre. Men jeg klager ikke!
11. juni, 2020 1 svar
OPPDATERT: Egen plugin for faste betalinger er lansert. Fungerer greit, men mangler støtte for Subscriptions, noe som er standard på de fleste andre betalingsgatewayene.
3. mai, 2019 1 svar
Når den først er oppe og går fungerer denne greit, men er noe krøkkete å sette opp. Les info fra VIPPS nøye! Mangler enkel "sandbox mode" og jeg sliter litt med å endre CSS til slik jeg vil ha det, men det kan være mine CSS kunnskaper. Ligger mye bra info i supportforumet som kan være verdt å ta med seg!
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2023-09-18 version 1.14.13

Check that images uploaded to receipts are either jpeg or png

2023-08-22 version 1.14.12

Fix edge cases where orders were wrongly cancelled in Vipps Checkout

2023-08-22 version 1.14.11

More filters/hooks:
do_action(‘woo_vipps_before_thankyou’, $orderid, $order);
Runs before the thankyou page is reached, and can be used to finalize orders created using Checkout or Express Checkout, plus
apply_filters(‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_new_username’, », $email, $userdata, $order);
Which can be used to customize the username for new users created using express checkout or Vipps Checkout.
Supports MailerLite – WooCommerce integration (woo-mailerlite) in Vipps Checkout
Fix crashing bug interaction with the Add-on WooCommerce – MailPoet plugin

2023-07-31 version 1.14.10

Handle the new Thankyou-page behavious in Vipps Checkout too, by adding a new option to register/log in users
Prepare to handle other Checkout flows

2023-07-19 version 1.14.9

Support Free shipping for Porterbuddy in Vipps Checkout
Fix issue with Woo 5.8.x and above where Express Checkout required email confirmation before the thankyou page was shown.

2023-06-22 version 1.14.8

Fix back button on express checkout

2023-06-12 version 1.14.7

Add protection against caches ignoring nocache-headers and rename the «limited session» parameter to something sane.

2023-05-31 version 1.14.6

Ensured admin notices do not crash newer versions of WooCommerce when Vipps is triggered with no current screen

2023.04.25 version 1.14.5

Changed descriptions on Bring shipping methods for Vipps Checkout
Fixed typo which made the «Confirm terms and conditions» screen always appear if started from the Cart

2023.03.16 version 1.14.4

Apparently some setup got called woocommerce_init_shipping more than once, which crashed on the new Checkout shipping methods.

2023.03.16 version 1.14.3

Bugfix for some shipping methods in Vipps Checkout

2023.03.13 version 1.14.2

Ensures that orders that don’t need shipping do not ask for addresses from customers unless you explicitly want to.
Small bugfixes too.

2023.03.06 version 1.14.1

Set require_userInfo to false per default for Elemenor and other users of pre_handle_404

2023.02.14 version 1.14.0

Support Vipps Checkout version 3 with extended support for shipping methods in Vipps Checkout, allowing for the selection of pickup points and more.
Remove default title on Vipps Checkout page
Added filter to support for extra consent checkbox in Vipps Checkout

2023.02.06 version 1.13.5

Add failsafe for rare bug affecting some external payment method purchases with Klarna Checkout

2023.01.25 version 1.13.4

Remove lookup of orderid based on Vipps-orderid from database to improve speed and remove issues with transients etc.

2023.01.02 version 1.13.3

Workaround for WooCommerce Smart Coupons bug
Let Vipps Checkout handle the WooCommerce endpoints for thankyou etc, for better Elementor compatibility
Support for Pixel Your Site-like mechanisms for Vipps Checkout

2022.12.21 version 1.13.2

Fix for a php8 issue with unset options for the badge feature

2022.12.13 version 1.13.1

Changes required for newer version of epayment-api
Changes in localization for blocks

2022.12.12 version 1.13.0

Added support for HPOS (
Added protection from Vipps being ran while WooCommerce is deactivated

2022.11.28 version 1.12.1

Added support for ecommerce-tracking in GAv4 and AdWords for Monster Insights, plus extra support for Express Checkout for Pixel Your Site.

2022.11.21 version 1.12.0

Added support for Vipps On-Site Messaging badges

2022.11.09 version 1.11.7

Fix issue with duplicate order ID’s, but for real this time

2022.11.07 version 1.11.6

Fix issue with duplicate order ID’s

2022.10.24 version 1.11.5

Reorganization of banner code

2022.10.10 version 1.11.4

New option for turning off receipts, better support for tax-free shipping

2022.10.05 version 1.11.3

  • Fix admin javascript bug that kept dismissible banners non-dismissed

2022.09.29 version 1.11.2

  • Fix string concatenation bug crashing php8.x

2022.09.27 version 1.11.1

  • Fix default-setting of new settings; the old method broke on php8.0

2022.09.26 version 1.11.0

  • Improved settings-screen with a tabbed view and organization
  • Filters for shipping options to add pickup-point, brand, description etc for shipping options not supported by standard Woo
  • Adding option for dropping contact and address fields for Vipps Checkout

2022.09.19 version 1.10.3

  • Fix _created_via so it will just say ‘checkout’ to be consistent with other payment gateways
  • Fix transaction text so it does not refer to confirming the transaction; this is better because it is also displayed on order history page

2022.08.26 version 1.10.2

  • Fix typo in version numbers and type of VAT percentage for order management API

2022.08.17 version 1.10.1

  • Small change in Order Management API following changes to shipping handling

2022.07.04 version 1.10.0

  • Added support for the Order Management Api, which stores the receipt and other order information in the customers’ app. See the ‘woo_vipps_add_order_categories’ filter for extending the information passedd.

2022.06.28 version 1.9.3

  • Added compatibility for Dibs/Nets Easy Payment gateway, which made certain untenable assumptionts
  • Fix coupon handling in express checkout – thanks to @kimbertelsen for debugging

2022.06.20 version 1.9.2

  • Make extra double sure we dont get session cookies in callbacks

2022.06.13 version 1.9.1

  • Improve compatibility with shipping modules
  • Fix breakage in Vipps support for the All Products block
  • Change SVG buttons to current elements

2022.05.30 version 1.9.0

  • Support for Vipps QR-api

2022.05.25 version 1.8.22

  • Ensure the Snap Pixel for WooCommerce plugin does not break express checkout by outputting pixels when it shouldn’t. Thanks to @optiflow at for detailed error reporting.
  • Testing for WP 6.0.0

2022.04.07 version 1.8.21

  • Protect «process_payment» from being called repeatedly when this is not allowed
  • From Johnny Oskarsson:
    • Improve compatibility with headless themes
    • New filters for the data sent in initiate_payment and initiate_checkout, which allows for more control over the return URL which is especially important for headless themes.

2022.04.06 version 1.8.20

  • Ensure alternative browsers work on mobile on Checkout so that «unknown order» does not happen on order return
  • Ensure Vipps transaction references are at least 8 chars long

2022.03.24 version 1.8.19

  • Fix race condition in code that checks order status when callback hasn’t happened

2022.03.22 version 1.8.18

  • Fix name errors in express checkout

2022.03.21 version 1.8.17

  • Handle error case when shipping address is received empty in callbacks

2022.03.14 version 1.8.16

  • Ensure Express Checkout and Checkout session handling still works for logged-in users in newer versions of Woo

2022.03.07 version 1.8.14

  • Change payment method title to Credit Card if this was used on the Vipps Checkout page

2022.03.01 version 1.8.13

  • Typo that accidentally destroyed the Woocommerce endpoints page fixed (thanks to @stivenson2005 at

2022.02.28 version 1.8.12

  • Support for Vipps Checkout alternative checkout page

2022.02.09 version 1.7.25

  • Fix in the loading of a file that caused crashes when woocomerce was not active

2022.01.18 version 1.7.24

  • Minor bugfixes

2021.12.20 version 1.7.23

  • Minor bugfixes

2021.12.13 version 1.7.22

  • Support variations where one of the dimensions is ‘any’

2021.11.29 version 1.7.21

  • Accept two-letter country names now being sent by Vipps
  • Ensure Express Checkout orders are handled correctly by WooCommerces’ cancel-unpaid-orders thing
  • When checking Vipps orders stuck in ‘pending’, also cancel them if they don’t exist etc
  • Update the «partial orders» used for Express Checkout so they will work more like normal orders.
  • Change how redirects to Vipps work to avoid having the back-button work badly on Safari

2021.11.22 version 1.7.20

  • Adds a dismissible banner for Vipps Recurring Payments if it has never been installed and WooCommerce Subscriptions is installed.

2021.11.17 version 1.7.19

  • Make sure failed orders get set to ‘pending’ when restarting payment with Vipps

2021.11.15 version 1.7.18

Add support for Woocommerce Subscriptions manual renewals using a filter and a developer setting.
Fix issue where customer was assumed to exist even when doing cron jobs for rescuing dead orders
Add support for testing the callback handler remotely

2021.10.19 version 1.7.17

Fix CSS issue caused by previous version

2021.10.18 version 1.7.16

Support a more explicit, multi-step address selection flow in Express checkout, toggleable in the settings
Small CSS fixes for certain themes

2021.10.05 version 1.7.15

Fix various php8-related bugs

2021.10.04 version 1.7.14

Add extra supports for plugins like Yith WooCommerce Name Your Price and move compatibility hacks into a separate file
Support non-standard pretty permalinks by stopping redirect_canonical after a special page has been requested.

2021.09.13 version 1.7.13

Ensure refunds of 0 NOK are not handled by Vipps

2021.08.23 version 1.7.12

The cron job that checks the status of abandoned orders have since 1.7.10 restored these orders’ session to check the status as correctly as possible.
It seems this may ruin the session of other active users however, and we can’t have that, so now the status is checked without restoring the session.

2021.08.09 version 1.7.11

Updating for latest versions of WP and Woo

2021.06.22 version 1.7.10

Added a fail safe for situations where the Vipps callback fails and the customer does not return to the store

2021.06.14 version 1.7.9

Tiny change in «No shipping required» setup

2021.05.18 version 1.7.8

Fix error-handling when creating new customers in express checkout

2021.05.18 version 1.7.7

Fix integration with Klarna Checkout so Vipps can be disabled as external payment method when appropriate

2021.04.19 version 1.7.6

Version bump for new version of WooCommerce and Blocks

2021.03.29 version 1.7.5

Increase priority of handling special pages to avoid 404-handlers in themes and plugins to handle them first

2021.03.24 version 1.7.4

Fix the undismissable banner issue by ensuring browsers won’t have cached the admin javascript

2021.03.22 version 1.7.3

Remainder that the Login with Vipps plugin exists

2021.03.15 version 1.7.2

Fixes javascript problem on express checkout screen that could be caused by plugin interactions

2021.03.01 version 1.7.1

Compatibility with Woo 5.0.0 and WP 5.7.0

2021.01.25 version 1.7.0

Stop using the deprecated payment status interface. This is a quite large rewrite that should be invisible to uses.

2021.01.18 version 1.6.9

Bugfixes for user creation in express checkout

2021.01.05 version 1.6.8

Bugfix for Gutenberg blocks

2020.12.22 version 1.6.7

Bugfix for user login in express checkout

2020.12.18 version 1.6.6

Bugfix for Woo gutenberg blocks (other than all products)

2020.12.14 version 1.6.5

Login and user creation synchronized better with Login with Vipps
Tested on newest versions

2020.11.25 version 1.6.4

More sanitation added

2020.11.24 version 1.6.3

Updated WP/Woo versions

2020.11.16 version 1.6.2

Bugs fixed: undefined variable removed (thanks to kimmenbert @ github for reporting)
Correct version of the plugin reported to the Vipps-api
Ensure all products are in stock when using Express Checkout (thanks to lykkelig @ for reporting)

2020.11.02 version 1.6.1

Bugs fixed: WPML support reenabled thanks to a bug report by @kodeks, user creation improved thanks to @henmor

2020.10.19 version 1.6.0

Integrate with Login with Vipps and provide again the «create users when using express checkout» checkbox. If you choose too, this will then create (and log in) users when using express checkout.
Only users without privileges will be logged in like that. If you install Login with Vipps, this will be set as the default choice.

2020.10.05 version 1.5.2

Fixed deletion of cancelled orders; thanks to @alarsen2 for reporting

2020.09.28 version 1.5.1

Fixed issue with payment_complete not being called. Thanks to espen @ nhg for reporting and debugging

2020.09.14 version 1.5.0

Added support for WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks: the Checkout block, the All Products blocks and other product blocks.

2020.07.29 version 1.4.11

Added the WOOCOMMERCE_CHECKOUT constant to create_partial_order, because some plugins act differently on checkout and on normal page views.
Improved compatibility with KCO external payments

2020.07.01 version 1.4.10

Added yet another call to calculate_totals on the cart after the woocommerce_cart_loaded_from_session action

2020.07.01 version 1.4.9

Fixed a bug in the session-restore code for Express Checkout that could affect pricing of shipping
Added a do-action call to ‘woocommerce_cart_loaded_from_session’ in callbacks to allow dynamic pricing plugins to run their code

2020.06.29 version 1.4.8

  • Fixed a bug in express checkout shipping calculations where cart totals could be wrong
  • Changed license from AGPLv3 ( to MIT (
  • Added filter to remove Vipps as option in Klarna Checkout, and added a check for unsupported carts.
  • Added filter ‘woo_vipps_payment_return_url’ to allow plugins to add extra arguments to return URL
  • Changed display logic of WooCommerce status messages on Express Checkout screen to allow themes that rewrite these to not show error messages when they don’t apply

2020.05.25 version 1.4.7

  • Support themes that use their own templating-mechanism by allowing the use of a real page ID to handle the Vipps special pages
  • Improve the race-condition avoidance code, and make it possible to implement real locking for systems that support it (open the developer settings to enable)
  • If Klarna Checkout uses Vipps as external payment gateway, ensure that Klarna Checkout is still the default payment method afterwards
  • Change order prefix to contain the sitename of the store if possible to aid with support

2020.04.27 version 1.4.6

  • More robustness and checks in callbacks

2020.04.27 version 1.4.5

  • Changed all uses of «WC_Cart» to use the main WC-cart
  • Changed the shipping callback to use the real cart from the Session; with no «temporary» cart created from the order
  • Changed cart saving and restoring for single product express checkout to use PHP serialization
  • Experimentally support the ‘bundle’ product type of WooCommerce Product Bundles

2020.04.06 version 1.4.4

  • Changed freight calculation to ensure plugins that override the WC_Cart’s class will continue working.
  • Changed handling of signal file cleanup and deletion of cancelled express checkout orders to wp-cron to avoid problems on sites with heavy load

2020.03.23 version 1.4.3

  • Added support for Klarna Checkout based on the code provided by Krokedil at
  • Added support for static shipping: Much quicker express checkout if your shipping method don’t depend on the customers address (or if your customers are logged in.) This precalculates the shipping options before sending the user to Vipps, but be aware: All the options must be static (like fixed price and so forth).

2020.03.03 version 1.4.2

  • Tiny change to avoid logging non-errors if no shipping method has been chosen at all

2020.02.25 version 1.4.1

  • Bugfix: The template chooser mechanism caused WP_DEBUG to print out error messages if the option wasn’t set.

2020.02.24 version 1.4.0

  • Properly round prices with wc_format_decimal (Thanks to Shattique @ netthandlesgruppen for reporting)
  • Ensure ‘spinner’ on page forwarding to Vipps is centered
  • New option in settings: Override the page template used for the Vipps special pages (choose ‘full width’ and so forth here.)
  • New shipping handling of shipping callbacks in Express Checkout makes shipping methods using meta data work – that is, all shipping methods that have added meta data for for instance integration with transport companies and so forth.t
  • DEPRECATION: The filter ‘woo_vipps_shipping_methods’ is deprecated as of version 1.4.0. If you use it, it will continue to work as before, but it will disable the new Express Checkout Shipping mechanism, and thus will not support metadata in the shipping methods; which certain shipping methods need – in particular those with integration with other services. A notice will be printed on the admin screen, and an option will be shown in the settings that will allow you to silence this warning (and then everything will work as before) or to disable this filter if you prefer to use the new method.
  • New filter ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_shipping_rates’ which replaces the filter above, taking the same arguments (a list of shipping methods, and order, and a cart). The format of the shipping methods is however different: They will consist of an array of ‘rate’ which is a WC_Shipping_Rate object, ‘priority’ which is an integer and the sort-order Vipps will use to display the alternatives, and ‘default’, which is a boolean: This will be the default choice
  • New filter ‘woo_vipps_default_shipping_method’ taking the default shipping method ID, a list of the shipping methods available (as a table from method id to WC_Shipping_Rate object) and the order. Return a shipping rate id, like ‘local_pickup:5’.
  • New filter ‘woo_vipps_vipps_formatted_shipping_methods’. This will take an array of the methods to be sent to Vipps, formatted as required by Vipps. This is mostly for debugging.
  • DEPRECATION: the filter ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_shipping_rate’ will only be applied if you use the old method of doing shipping for express checkout; thus you will have to have overridden the ‘woo_vipps_shipping_methods’ filter too. This is replaced by the filter ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_final_shipping_rate’, which takes an WC_Shipping_Rate object, the order and the shipping info from Vipps and must return a WC_Shipping_Rate object.
  • Replace use of file_get_contents with the WP http api methods, thus there is no longer any requirement for having allow_url_fopen true

2020.02.07 version 1.3.7

  • Improved error-handling in validate-express-checkout; thanks to lykkelig

2020.02.03 version 1.3.6

  • Added protection for repeat orders from customers who don’t get enough feedback that their order is complete
  • Added terms-and-conditions checkbox to the interstitial screen on Vipps Express Checkout
  • Added filters and hooks to facilitate validation of an express checkout order
  • Fixed fee calculations for carts in express checkout (thanks to Shattique @ netthandelsgruppen for reporting & fixing)

2020.01.22 version 1.3.5

  • Tested up to version 3.9.0 of WooCommerce and 5.3.2 of WP

2019.12.12 version 1.3.4

  • Backwards compatibility for the callback session handler added

2019.12.02 version 1.3.3

  • Add callback session handling to normal non-express checkout flow as well
  • Ensure local_pickup does not get set as default, even if free – unless it is the only option

2019.11.20 version 1.3.2

  • Ensured free_shipping is set as default shipping method in Express Checkout if the user qualifies. Thanks to Emily Bakke for reporting.
  • When using express checkout, use the customers’ phone number as default if we know it Thanks to sOndre for reporting.

2019.11.13 version 1.3.1

  • Added code to ensure that wpml doesn’t ruin callback urls with extra slashes

2019.11.04 version 1.3.0

  • Finally, added a session handler for the Vipps callbacks so these happen with the same session and context as the user interactions. Furthermore added handling for coupons and any previous chosen shipping method in the shipping callback, and added sorting to this so cheapest appear first.
  • Changed logic of maybe_delete_order so that it just marks the order as deleted and then does the actual delete 10 minutes later. This way, hooks and stuff can manipulate the order before it is deleted.

2019.10.21 version 1.2.5

  • Added protection against too long ‘transactionText’ values, and a new filter ‘woo_vipps_transaction_text_shop_id’ which can be used to provide a short name for the store (default is home_url()). Thanks to Marco1970 on for reporting.

2019.10.14 version 1.2.4

  • Added action ‘woo_vipps_shipping_details_before_cart_creation’ to assist sites where the Cart cannot be manipulated when no session is active.

2019.10.07 version 1.2.3

  • Added actions and filters when creating Express Checkout order: ‘woo_vipps_before_create_express_checkout_order’ ‘woo_vipps_create_express_checkout_cart_contents’ and ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_order_created’
  • Added a call to ‘get_payment_details’ before capturing or refunding money – this ensures that orders are synced with Vipps before this is done and eliminates a difficult error that previously only was fixable by pressing «Show complete transaction details».

2019.09.16 version 1.2.2

  • Ensure situations where the first and second address lines are duplicates are silently fixed
  • Add option for deleting Express Checkout orders that are abandoned (from ‘Pending’ to ‘Cancelled’ without any customer or address info)
  • Add ‘developer mode’ and in this, ‘test mode’ with a separate set of keys for testing Vipps. Remember, you will also need to install a test Vipps app from Testflight on a separate device from your normal Vipps-device.

2019.08.26 version 1.2.1

  • Tested with WordPress 5.3, WooCommerce 3.7 and Bring Fraktguiden for WooCommerce 1.6.5

2019.08.06 version 1.2.0

  • Removed separate Access Key subscription, now only one subscription key is required
  • Documentation updated to reflect that the keys are now to be fetched from, and that the separate Access Key subscription is no longer necessary

2019.06.24 version 1.1.18

  • Version bump
  • New filter woo_vipps_orderid – lets you generate your own (unique) orderid at Vipps
  • New javascript filter for customizing the status check error handler

2019.06.17 version 1.1.17

  • Changed documentation and screenshots to correspond with new subscription key setup at Vipps

2019.05.21 version 1.1.16

  • Disabled Vipps metabox for non-vipps shop_orders
  • Fixed bug in Express Checkout for single variable products – thanks to Gaute Terland Nilsen @ Easyweb for the report
  • Fixed links in readme.txt

2019.04.29 version 1.1.15

  • Renamed second of two actions in the shipping details callback
  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.6.2 and WordPress 3.5.2
  • Changed help text for Ocp_Apim_Key_AccessToken to reflect that for some users, the eCommerce key should be used

2019.04.08 version 1.1.14

  • Wrapped «Buy now»-text in buttons in a SPAN to allow for easier styling
  • Fixed error in instantiating Shipping Rates for Express Checkout orders (Thanks to Gaute Terland Nilsen @ for reporting and debugging)
  • Small bugfixes

2019.03.11 version 1.1.13

  • New compatibility mode for «Buy now» for products that need special configuration. You can choose this in the backend, and the purchase will be made in a more compatible manner which is slightly less smooth.
  • Disable «Buy now» buttons if products or cart have total value 0 – Vipps can’t handle free products.
  • Added support for WP hooks in javascript (with backwards compatibility for 4.7-4.9).
  • New filters/actions: ‘woo_vipps_single_product_compat_mode’, ‘woo_vipps_single_product_buy_now_classes’
  • Javascript filters/actions: ‘vippsBuySingleProduct’ ‘vippsBuySingleProductCompatMode’ ‘vippsBuySingleProductCompatModeAction’ ‘vippsRemoveErrorMessages’ ‘vippsErrorMessage’ ‘vippsAddErrorMessage’ ‘vippsInit’
  • Add a transaction ID (the prefix pluss the order id) to orders
  • Fix title of «Buy now with Vipps» button (thanks to @redaksjonen)

2019.02.26 version 1.1.12

  • Fixes bugs/issues with direct capture and the SALE status at Vipps
  • Fix bug that could lead to shipping address being set twice when doing express checkout
  • Tested to Woo 3.5.5 and WP 5.1

2019.02.04 version 1.1.11

  • Improvements to logging
  • Tested with 5.1 beta
  • Changed the express checkout shortcode methods to ignore the backend settings for express checkout – now only the cart will be verified when a short code is used
  • In this version, it is possible to choose Processing as a non-captured status (with capture done either manually or on Complete), where shipping must be done after capture. This changes the status change hook usage in the plugin.
  • To facilitate custom order statuses and flow, use payment status instead with only four values (initiated/authorized/complete/cancelled) to check results
  • Bugs in the shipping callback for Express Checkout fixed

2019.01.01 version 1.1.10

  • Ensure order edits don’t confuse the captured amount. Make ‘amount’ required argument to Api’s capture_payment, and make it be in cents only
  • Added button to refund any accidentally over-captured amount on a completed order
  • As a side effect of retrieving the complete payment history, update the order with the status and postmeta values directly from Vipps
  • Fixed spelling error in ‘woo_vipps_set_order_shipping_details’

2018.12.17 version 1.1.9

  • Error in WC_Logger usage fixed (thanks to (Thanks to Espen Espelund for the report as well as the rest of the issues covered in this update)
  • Improved logging in general (Thanks to patch from E. Espelund)
  • Fix 404 response on certain pages
  • Added code to try to reduce impact of race conditions on persistent object caches
  • Moved shipping-update into critical section in callback handler

2018.12.11 version 1.1.8

  • Fix bug in express checkout for logged-in customers

2018.12.10 version 1.1.7

  • Typo in 1.1.6 fixed

2018.12.10 version 1.1.6

  • Added filter ‘woo_vipps_order_failed_redirect’
  • Added filters ‘woo_vipps_express_checkout_supported_product_types’, »woo_vipps_product_supports_express_checkout’, »woo_vipps_order_failed_redirect’ to control product types that cannot be bought by express checkout
  • Added lots of wc_nocache_headers() to avoid caching where sessions etc are missing
  • Added new action ‘woo_vipps_vipps_callback’
  • Improved security in shipping details callback (Thanks to Espen Espelund for the report)

= 2018.11.26 version 1.1.5
* Disable «pay» button on the order listing of aborted express checkout orders for logged-in users (thanks to for the report)
* Added a fail safe to retrieve the order id on return to the shop even when session has been destroyed or is in another browser
* Added filter ‘woo_vipps_special_page_template’ for choosing template of special pages
* Added no-cache headers to return-from-vipps page
* Added text about shipping and express checkout

= 2018.11.19 version 1.1.4
* New filter ‘woo_vipps_transaction_text’ to customize the text sent to Vipps
* Added call to ‘woocommerce_checkout_update_order_meta’ in create partial order

= 2018.11.12 version 1.1.3
* New action on order shipping details method for express checkout
* New action on callback from Vipps
* New action when checking order status for express checkout
* Removed «!important» from CSS for Vipps-buttons

2018.11.05 version 1.1.2

  • Support ‘quantity’ when buying products directly
  • Support for WP5.0 and WooCommerce 3.5.1 tested
  • «Show complete transaction details» button in backend to verify status at Vipps
  • Added notification on order screen for orders that have been successfully captured

2018.10.29 version 1.1.1

  • Backwards compatibility to 3.3.x added for direct buys

2018.10.29 version 1.1.0

  • New feature: Buy directly using Vipps Express Checkout from product pages and catalog listings
  • New feature: Create ‘shareable links’ allowing customers to buy directly using Vipps Express Checkout from external links and banners
  • New filters, actions, shortcodes
  • Support for WooCommerce 3.5.0

2018.10.09 version 1.0.7

  • Improvement: Add ‘woo_vipps_show_express_checkout’ filter
  • Improvement: Add ‘woo_vipps_show_capture_button’ filter
  • Improvement: Add ‘woo_vipps_captured_statuses’
  • Bugfix/improvement: Changed WC_Gateway_Vipps to be a Singleton (fixes certain hooks being called several times)

2018.10.03 version 1.0.6

  • Fix – Cart is now saved and restored if the payment is aborted or fails
  • Improvement: Added hooks for cart save and restore
  • Improvement: Added actions ‘woo_vipps_before_process_payment’, ‘woo_vipps_before_redirect_to_vipps’
  • Improvement: Added filter ‘woo_vipps_shipping_callback_packages’

2018.09.25 version 1.0.5

  • Fix – Shipping details callback returned prices wrongly formatted for some locales
  • Fix – «Vipps as default» was always on (Thanks to Jacob von der Lippe for the bug report)
  • Fix – Availability of the payment alternative now depends on currency and is subject to filters. Express checkout only shown when available
  • Change – The plugin can be activated even if default currency is not NOK (to allow for multi-currency situations)
  • Improvement – Filters, hooks and shortcodes added
  • Improvement – Give a specific error message if allow_url_fopen is false (thanks to eddiex666 for suggestion)
  • Improvement – Shipping details callback will return a zero-cost alternative if no shipping is needed
  • Improvement – For order that do not need processing, payment_complete will be called iff capture is successful. This allows for auto-capture of virtual and downloadable products.

2018.09.12 version 1.0.4

  • Change – Added more logging for shipping methods
  • Fix – Make Description and Payment Method Name in settings actually affect the checkout page
  • Fix – Make plugin work in network installs of WooCommerce for multisite shops (Thanks to Thomas Audunhus for the bug report)

2018.07.06 version 1.0.3

  • Change – Added more logging for failed access token call

2018.07.03 version 1.0.2

  • Fix – Uninitialized variable use and wrong call to uninstall – thanks to Rafal Sokolowski for bug reports and patches
  • Change- Authtoken now used when verifying express checkout calls

2018.06.29 version 1.0.1

  • Fix – Showing whether an order is made with express checkout or checkout in backend
  • Change- Login code temporarily removed


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