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WordPress Cloud Gallery – Responsive Photo and Video Galleries with CDN



Denne utvidelsen har blitt stengt fra 10. juli, 2024 og er ikke tilgjengelig for nedlasting. Stengningen er midlertidig, venter på full gjennomgang.


2. mai, 2020
I am still kind floored at how great these embedded galleries work AND look. I have tried so many ways to embed my SmugMug Galleries into WordPress and I have never seen anything quite like this. Stunning. And the responsive behavior is the best I have ever seen in a photo plugin. Now I can use SmugMug as the home for all my photos, but put them into WordPress exactly how I want. Love it!
26. februar, 2019
This new plugin is clean and super simple to use so far. Developer responded very quickly to initial questions. I look forward to seeing what is coming ahead in features; so far Smugmug, Instagram, and Youtube are available in addition to their very own cloud storage. If you’re overwhelmed with all the options, features, etc. in some of the other plugins to embed Smugmug galleries – this is worth checking out if you just need the basics and don’t want to fuss with all the design aspects. It’s fresh, modern, and easy to use.
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